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I´m Back

Well hellouuuu

I was gone, because I moved from Tj, so I stop using everithing that wasn´t facebook. I was so fucking depressed, awful. But now I´m happy, because this school was great to me, my life is gettin better.
Now I´m a Senior, About to get in the College n.n
I have a boyfrend, he´s really sweet , he adores me, so am i.
My greats are getting better, so cooool!!!!!!

And now i don´t live with my mom, she hummm she dump me?

my fabulous life

a mother should be someone that help you!! someone that love you
unconditionally and support you when your hopes are gone.
but my mom was almost make me suicide, but you know, i dicovered that she doesn't is that important to make me die.

this was gabby poison signing off!!!

yo y mis mamadas

some people may consider this video as offensive
MCR or against, but good to me long ago laugh
do not know why but it does, I love My Chemical Romance
but I can not avoid dying of laughter when I see it.
is completely in Spanish eh!

Poison kiss!!!

im a little bit stone~~~~~ and i love that

//// we are the kids from yesterday...

////cuz all the good times, give you cancer

////covered in ash
covered in glass
covered in all my friends
i still think on the bombs they bill

//// we can steal this car if you folks dont mine

//// if the life ain't a joke, then why are we laughing
(because we are a stone idiots )

////sing it for the girls

//// cuz im not o-fucking kay

//// you MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!

in the last picture

Gerard looks like Pattinson

`````Vampire Money``````


im boreing and alone!
could be worst????
well yeah, i could be in the hospital...
but there are a nice doctors so isn't too bad


could be in the desert but, im not
thats good

but i can be better!
i hope be better

well nothing to say

See Ya!!!

♥Party Poison Baby♥

My Danger Days history.

some people just dont know how living their lives but, im in the ones that know but i hate it!!!
i gonna make a carrer and work for the rest of my life, send money to my mother, have kids, and that's all!!!
so boring, i got a moment and say: i dont wanna make it, i just wanna fuck them!!!
and the fabulous killjoys, make me realize that i have to have risks and thats what i did. im as im and that's all of me, sorry if you expected more of me.
im almost in my age to go away and i don know what the hell im gonna do.
am i wrong? probably
am i crazy? i count with that.

and is gonna be a mistery