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In The End.

If this is really the end, Thank you My Chemical Romance.
You saved my life and have inspired me to become a musician.
The first song on drums Learned was 'The Ghost Of You", The First song on Bass I learned was "Bulltetproof Heart"

Thank you Frank, Gerard, Mikey and Ray. Without you I wouldn't be here.
I love you guys <3

I cant help but feel...

for some reason i feel as if this will be the last era and im sad :c

Danger days done?

ok so if you notice all the post about danger days....are gone...and if you go to the store they still have everything...but danger days items, either someone screwed things up or are we getting ready for better things???


Please dont tell me i was the only one who thought this was gonna be an era change... :'c


Hey fellow Friends if any of you have a tumblr you should follow me my url is FruitPack its a mcr blog.. see ya later :3

I got it!

I got the first umbrella academy today! And i read it in 2 hours, it the best thing ever. The first thing i opened up to in the book was Gerard saying "To my wife Lindsey for being my umbrella." that's the sweetest thing i ever heard. If you haven't read it yet i suggest you do. The second ones on it way...yessss. Goodnight fellow killjoys, MadBullet out

The Start

I've never really known what i wanted to become as an "Adult", but I've always been interested in entertainment/music. I've struggled with alot of things growing up...even tho im only 16, i never thought i had a purpose in life, and just wanted it to be over. That all changed when i got my Bass for Christmas, i finally feel like im doing something right, ya know? Now i know what i want to "become".....A "rock-star" bass player.