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ok... so the first one is a little cartoon of Vc from Pierce The Veil and Kellin from Sleeping With Sirens, my friend wanted me to draw it for her. the second on is of course Party Poison! haha and the third is Rainbow dash from my little pony... comments, ways to improve, always accepted! thanks klljoys

quotes anyone???

just thought i'd share the awesome facebook thingy with some really awesome quotes from my chem, in the words of frank iero, "trust me."


snap snap
another one taken
memories stored in little boxes
held on to for comfort
they remind us of the past
happy or sad
always a mystery of emotion
some forgotten
some saved
either way
cherished forever


it flows through my ears and down deep into my bones
it spreads throughout my mind and engulfs my soul
i plug it in and crank it loud
cause i have nothin' better to do
but listen away and let the melody of beautiful harmony softly drift me away
to a happier place
my mind if free
my head is clear
this is bliss

Memphis May Fire, anyone?2

"from the beginning
i knew i was different
i embraced it
but you didn't..."

Memphis May Fire, anyone?

so count your money'
and i'll count my friends'
we'll see who's richer
in the end...

art :0)

my art project for school, dedicated to , of course, My chem! :0)

Happy Birthday Mikey Way!!!

here's to one amazing bass player and one of the best people in the world!
Happy Birthday Mikey! remember----

Smile :0D

Awesome Quotes

found this awesome fb page with some cool quotes from my chem,
here's the link --

awesome quotes

i found this awesome fb page with some cool quotes from my chem,
here's the link --