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Just a thought

It is only now, while I wait for my food to cook, that I ponder that state of society. JK- I do that 24/7.
But still?
What happened to people legitimately getting beat up for being nerdy, or shoved in lockers?
Now, you get LAID.
Now, the "emos" and crazies are on the bottom of the food chain. My friend Hunter got shoved in a locker. People start shit with me about the way I dress because they deem it emo.
Emo isn't real.
You're either poser or you're getting stereotyped.
People think I'm weird because I brought up dragons and vampires in Biology.
Even the teacher.
I find it sad that

It's such a perfect day- I'm glad I spent it with you.

~In Biology~
Me: Ms. Kinepkamp, are vampires sanguinivores?
Ms. K: Yes, they definitely consume blood. Just like the dragons you brought up last class.
Class: *snickers*
Me: I thought dragons were carnivorous...
Ms. K: *facepalm*
~In Math~
We got new seats. I'm behind my friend Hunter (she's not a boy). :D
~In Art~
I worked on my 9/11 piece. It is divided up into 9 sections and I stenciled an F 9 times. Inside the F's, I'm drawing representations of the first 9 songs on Bullets. The background is gonna be the skyline during the attack.
~In English~
I had a debate on the term 'emo'.

When the Sun Goes Black 1/?

In the boiling desert sun, everything seems far away. A foot is a mile, an hour is a decade, the ones you love are a lifetime away. Right now, in my jacket and scarf, water seems as close as Heaven. Maybe it's not that far though...
The first thing I saw when I woke up was red. It was bright red with a dark tint to it. Slowly, a blob that resembled a face shifted into view.
"IT'S ALIVE", the blur said dramatically. *Am I? This might be Heaven. I could be in a very dusty, grimy Heaven where angel's have strange, bright hair colors and fuzzy profiles...*
"Bout time", another voice


Is it bad that I broke up with my boyfriend and give no fucks?