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Freshman Orientation

8th graders:
Listen up, you awful fucks. Yeah, that's right. I'm talking to you.
You know all those rumors about kids getting shoved in lockers and about how nobody gives a shit in high school? They're true. Nobody gave me any advice for how to deal with Freshman year, so I'm going to coach you.

1. Don't expect teachers to give a shit about you or your problems. Nine out of ten times, they don't. However, if you end up with amazing teachers who talk to you like you're human, consider your ass blessed.
2. Getting shoved in lockers isn't fun.

Note: This isn't fanfic. THIS, my dear friends and readers, is me legitimately trying to write a story. Gerard and Lindsey in this story aren't Gerard and Lindsey Way. Gerard and Lindsey Way aren't the only people capable of being named Gerard and Lindsey. FUCKING GOD DAMN!
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Duct Tape Scars On My Honey

My name is Kimberly, or just Kim.
To start this off, I suppose I should mention that I come from a broken home. My abusive father bribes me to get back at my mama for leaving him. He doesn't really care about me, and neither does his wife or her kids. My mom loves me though. I know she does. I can always see the hurt in her eyes when we fight. But that doesn't mean my mom's home isn't broken. She and my step dad fight all the time. My sister and older brother are old enough to move out, so that don't really care, but my little brother and I have to deal with it.
I'm also having trouble in

My First Kiss Went A Little Like This....

I've had four kisses so far, but I don't think they qualify.
1. Jacob Barkley- a junior who kissed me in seventh grade. I regretted it.
2. Jesse Thornsbury- my friend Aubrey's older sister. We did it to prove a point about sexuality.
3. Leanna Fones- my best friend in the whole entire world. We texted our boyfriends while we made out.
4. Jacob Something- Leanna's cousin. We made out at a wake for her grandparents and he got a boner. Fucking romantic.
I thought there were supposed to be fireworks, Hallelujah choruses, something! All I felt was tongue.

My Killjoy

Name: Glitter Freeze, AKA Frozen
Age: 22 (hilarious cause it's my favorite number)
Car: 1965 Mustang Fastback, pearl with metallic blue racing stripes and "11" on the sides.
Gun: Hot pink with randomly placed bright yellow and sunset orange polka dots of varying sizes
Clothes: Black leggings with multicolored polka dots, fishnet tights, denim mini skirt, plaid-ish tunic and thin,short-sleeved turtleneck. Black Chuck Taylors and green and black tie-dyed jacket.
Mask: Huge sunglasses and mouse beanie- has glasses. :/
Scarf: Black with white and red music notes.

Bullets (A Minute Beforehand)

This is a project that was assigned in my Drawing and Painting 101 class.
The objective was to divide the paper into 9 sections and trace a letter in each section with a background of some sort.
Section 1- Romance
It is a green F with a rose and the words "I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS" written in purple. The background is the clear, blue sky.
Section 2- Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For the Two of Us
The F is made of cracked glass. The background is the tops of the Twin Towers meeting the sky, and the time and date that the picture is set; 9/11/01, 8:45 am- one minute before the attack.

Note: This isn't fanfic. THIS, my dear friends and readers, is me legitimately trying to write a story. Gerard in this story isn't Gerard Way. Gerard Way isn't the only person capable of being named Gerard. FUCKING GOD DAMN!
Part 1:
Part 2:

It's Been 10 Fucking Years

This post is dedicated to the victims, survivors, and witnesses of 9/11.
For the ones who lost their children, parents, siblings, and lovers.
For the ones who fell to their deaths.
For those who never made it out.
For the passengers on hijacked flights.
For the people on the ground.
We love you, we miss you, and we remember you.
You will not be forgotten.
I was 4 when it happened. I went on blissfully ignorant of the situation. My mom knew, but told me nothing. I was a baby still. I wouldn't understand.
I went to my dad's, and he told me everything.

The Three Incounters With MCR and the One That Got Me Hooked

Year: 2005
Age: 8
Ali and AJ were on America's Got Talent playing Chemicals React, and I told my older sister, who thought I said My Chemical Romance somehow. She got excited and ran into the room.
"OMYGOD. Wait- what is this? This is not My Chemical Romance."
Nothing sparked from that.
Year: 2009
Age: 12
I was watching a Twilight song parody on YouTube, and Blood was featured in it, along with Teenagers in another. I heard them and instantly fell in love. I expanded to Welcome to the Black Parade and stalked Gerard's voice in those three songs.

When the Sun Goes Black 3/?

Living with them has worked out somehow. There's routine, yet randomness. We get up, make coffee, drink it all, and then listen to the last person out of bed complain about how we didn't save any. We go on raids, blow shit up, and make dirt sandcastles.
"Can I talk to you", Ghoul asks. I realize I'm standing there blankly, holding a firecracker.
"Sure." He leads me over to a booth inside the diner we've been hiding out in.
"Do you think I should cut my hair?"
"Do you, 22, think I, Fun Ghoul, should cut my hair?"
"Maybe... I guess.