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This might sound stalker-ish

Gerard and I have the same lowercase G's.
They look like S's.

That movie's been out for three years.
A WHOLE three years.
Yet I just watched it two weeks ago.
And it was just.
I love Rorschach.

Glitter Freeze- my Killjoy.

Glitter Freeze is a little girl with long, black hair and knobby knees. She ran away from home at the age of six due to abuse. She doesn't really have a big, extravagant story about being Korse's daughter or some shit, nor does she ever actually meet the guys, but she's pretty bad ass. She's only 13, but she ghosts hoards of Dracs by herself. I consider her to be a piece of me. I could probably go in depth and make more parts of me, but not in this post.
Jacket- studded, purple leather jacket with a smiling snowflake on the back
Shirt- parade jacket that she found out there in


Everyone's like, "date a football player", and I'm like, "ew, gross".
Hockey players are where it's at- we can go ice skating together.
Christian is on the hockey team.
His jersey number is 69.
You wish I was joking.

My family

We're so German that we have blue eyes, pale skin, either blonde or brown hair, and we celebrate Christmas with our Nativity carousel.
The one that my great-great-great grandmother bought at a flea-market and brought over on the ship. The Carpathia. She met a man who survived Titanic on the ship and they fell in love and stuff. Yeah.

She broke your throne and she cut your hair.

So, last year, I was the weird, nerdy girl that everybody made fun of.
This year, I'm the weird, nerdy girl who everyone hits on constantly.
I can't tell which I dislike more.
Anyway, my hair. It's fuchsia.
My hair is always an interesting asset, though. Even if it's normal.
Natural (dirty blonde)- I gave blondes a good name. Or a bad one. Depending on the topic.
Platinum w/ auburn underneath- It made people think I was stuck up.
Black- People thought I was 'goth'
Black with pigtails- reminded people of LynZ
Bald- Everyone thought I had cancer.
1/2 inch blonde hair- People compared me to

So, I'm kinda thinking about the future.

I know I said I was done posting, but whatever. I was distraught and I'm pretty flightly. Anyway, I'm looking at cars because I'm turning 15 soon and I'd rather start saving my money and actually have a goal.
Car #1: 1968 Mustang Fastback
First off, I'm not one of those people who drool over Mustangs. In fact, I hate the new models. However, the car obviously rubs me that right way. And I won't even pretend that I know anything about cars- I know jack shit, but I know what I like.
Car #2: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am
No, it's not because of Gerard OR Lady Gaga. I like the car.


As of late, I've realized that I'm the only person on the MCR facebook page that isn't an asshole or a poser. I'm not returning the page.
Anyway, Gerard has Trans Am and he named his daughter Bandit. What the literal fuck?
Oh yeah- I was writing Gerard Way vs The World, but my computer blocked the site.
That was where I was gonna put my Green Day fic, too. Speaking of which....
1. My best friend's ex-boyfriend's name is Jimmy.
2. My potential boyfriend's (we mutually like each other and we already do everything couples do, except for sex) name is Christian.
Jimmy's suicidal and she

Please God, let this be a JK

I'm pretty sure a senior likes me. That wouldn't be a problem, but this guy is Matt, and I friend zoned him. BECAUSE HE'S MY FRIEND. He's like a brother. And I'm not big on incest. And he tried to kiss me today. FUUUUUUUUUUCK.

Sucks For Me

I just realized.
I'm in love with my two best friends.