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Ian. That's all that really describes him.

Ian's music interests:

Ian's dietary habits:

Only things we can ever afford:

Things we can't afford, according to this man:
Christmas gifts.
My allowance.

Favoritism. You're doing it right.

I do something wrong:
-get the shit knocked of me
-computer taken away

Eli does something wrong:
-Mom says, "That wasn't a good choice", then tells him to go play with his trains.

I try to point this out:
-"Don't fucking tell me how to be a parent!"
-"Well, excuse me, little miss perfect."
-"Bring this up again when YOU have four kids."

There's gotta be something wrong with my fucking ammune system

The only things I HAVEN'T had are pnuemonia and chicken pox.
Since I was four, I constantly suffered from vomiting, sniffling, migraines, ear aches, diarrhea, throat drainage, droopiness, and that fucking taste that sick leaves in your mouth.
I've had flu upon flu, upon cold over cold. I've had infections and fevers consistently.
Grand total, I've missed about 120 days of school in my entire 10-year career.
This needs to stop.

I had that dream again

The one where it's my birthday and I'm at the MSI concert. We work our way into the mosh pit and Jimmy Urine pulls Leanna and me onstage to sing Faggot.
It's funny, really. Either I'm dreaming about my favorite bands, cans of paint, or, more commonly, that I'm being pursued and killed. There are a few variations of the latter, the most popular being where I'm killing somebody in cold blood, then burying them in my backyard before returning to a peaceful slumber.
I probably need to see my councilor again...

I've changed my mind.

I know I said I was gonna cop out of ROTC, but I've decided not to. Not only have I actually tried to get kicked out by turning in threatening and explicit LeATHERMOUTH and Green Day lyrics, but I also come in late almost everyday and I hacked the Color Guard's computer software so that I could switch the national anthem with the one featured on Danger Days and Vampire Money during retreat. I never apologized for any of those incidents.
Through all the mishaps and faults that occurred at my command, I haven't even received a demerit. NOT ONE. Sergeant is doing this purposely. -_-
So, I've

Like they care

It doesn't matter how many times you tell her you want to be her friend.
Or how many time you say you love her.
Or how many times you spread your fucking legs for him.
She'll never care about me.
She'll never want me.
He'll never love me.

Falling From The Skye

On April 20th, a 17 year old girl named Skye was beaten to death for wearing a My Chemical Romance shirt. She was walking home from her friends house when some kids were teasing her about the shirt, and then said she didn’t deserve to live for it. They kicked her to the ground, pinned her down, and beat her repeatedly to the head. She died later that day in the hospital. Bullying needs to stop.

Subliminal Mind Fuck

I turned in the lyrics to American Idiot and I Am Going To Kill the President of the United States in as ROTC, and what happens? Not fuck. I had to talk to the councilor, who just happened to be really chill and didn't care. In fact, she recognized the lyrics and we had a laugh together. I was told I had to apologize to my Flight Sergeant, but I never did.
But when I get nine tardies to that class, all Hell breaks lose. Suddenly, I have detention. What even the fuck?

Keep It Ugly

According to society, girls have to always be pretty; perfect hair, perfect makeup, no acne, etc.
I don't feel like being pretty this weekend.
I'm gonna sit in pajamas and not change or shower. I'm gonna leave the gunk in my eyes and let my old layer of eye shadow smear on my face. I'm gonna ignore the pimples and blackheads forming on my skin.
That smell? That's the smell of ripe teenage rebellion.

Sweet Vendetta and Midnight Beretta

Aside from Glitter Freeze, I have these two Killjoys.
Glitter Freeze is the sad, lonely, sadistic side of me.
Sweet Vendetta is the fun-loving, loud little bombshell. She dresses in a very punk-esque style. She pretty renowned in the Zones for her battle skills. Midnight Beretta, although her twin, is her opposite. She's very shy and quiet, but what she lacks in conversation, she makes up with battle strategy. She dresses in a sort of shredded-Victorian style. The girls are about 19.
Sweet Vendetta:
Hair- Purple mullet on one side, shaved on the other
Tattoos- Jabberwocky on left arm, tail