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YES! OMYGAWD!! *bass*

I just heard a rumor that Blur's reuniting.
For real this time- not just for four shows.

I love you, Leanna.

This bitch. She hands me this huge box, covered in a black tablecloth and a red bow. Then I go to open it and there's another layer of tablecloth, surrounded by packing tape. I break through the layer after about 10 minutes of pulling, only to find that the box is covered in duct tape. I find a seam and tear through that and see two things: another box and a small square. I pull the box out first. It's white and says: "Face it- you're never gonna make it." I laugh for a minute, then unwrap it, only to uncover a new layer of paper, then another.

Parody (Reprise)

T'was the night before Xmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, except for the mouse.
The glockenspiel spun by the pictures with care
Whilst I lie in bed, dreams riddled with mares
My family was nestled in between sheets
While the wind whipped the house with nothing but sleet
With Marilyn in bed, keeping me heated,
I woke up in terror that I had been beaten.
When, out in the hall, there came such a noise
I rolled out of bed in much less than poise.
I blinked as I walked and switched on the light
And opened the door to take in the night.
I went to the living room to

This Bitch

Leanna calls in the middle of the night to inform me that there's a section in Wal-mart entirely dedicated to Star Wars. Right now, there's nothing that I couldn't care less about.
I love her. And her obsession with this series.

Snow Angels

I'm perched on the balcony rail, seeing the fresh powder below. It looks as if a layer of glitter had been sprinkled on the ground, covering it completely. The cold wind whips my face where his hand was only seconds ago. My heart grew colder than the night at those words, that blow. He had something I could never recover. He who kept me safe, who promised to love me forever, had delivered this upon me. I feel the swell of my cheek, and I taste the blood in my mouth. I think of the mess in the house. How could I go in there? Why would I even bother to clean it up? He still didn't deserve it.



Rockstar? Why, yes. I am.

No, I'm not. But still. I can sing. My voice isn't like Mariah Carey's or Pink's. I can't go super high and belt out a high D. I can, however, sing. My voice is more soulful and deep. In short, and I'm probably gonna get so much shit for saying, I don't really sound like most white girls, nor do I sound like most black girls. So, yeah. I sound unique. Mostly, I sound guyish, but with a girl twang.


Rosemary, Heaven restores in life
Coming with me
Through the aging, the fearing, the strife
It's the smiling on the package
It's the bases in the sand
It's the thought that moves you upward, embracing me with two hands
Right will take you places, yeah maybe to the beach
When your friends say you come crying, tell em how your pleasure's set upon slow release
Hey, wait
Great smile
Sensitive to fate, not
But, hey, who's on trail?

A Day In The Life of Kim London (Part 2)

For anyone who read the first part, I would just like to explain a few things before we resume. First, this isn't a story. This is my life, and if I get another comment about how it's boring and needs more detail, I'll hurt you. Secondly, the reason I don't pay attention in school is that I know it doesn't matter. I'm going to college in the future, and it doesn't matter what you've learned once you're there because you spend the first part of your career relearning everything. You're probably thinking I'm stupid now, and that I could get scholarships if I pay attention. No, I can't.

How I spent my morning

I spent cleaning until my fingers went raw, decorating my gingerbread house, writing blogs, and dancing to Interpol. I'm so glad I'm 10 more days of this. -_-