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I'm having a pretty good day. We were supposed to drive to St. Louis to get my paperwork get signed for my permit, but the receptionist said my doctor was leaving at lunch. So, since we were in the car, we turned around and drove to Edwardsville and got Starbucks. There's this store in Edwardsville called Beyond Timbuktu that sells all these really neat things, like necklaces and oriental hair pins and shit like that. And there was this BEAUTIFUL light yellow kimono covered in cherry blossoms and they even had an obi for it.


I had to bleach my hair twice, but I finally got it down to a light orange. It's been a couple of weeks, and I'm about to go to white. Like, maybe Friday night, I'll bleach my hair again and I'll get some toner. I'm gonna wait a week or so to tone it, but then I should be good to go. I'm really just striping all the color from my hair so that I can dye it back to it's original blonde, but I decided to have a little fun first! I'll totally post pictures when I'm done.


I took my little brother to his grade school today, and it went like this:

I'm here to sign Eli London in.
*pulls out visitor passes* "You're here to visit him?"
... I'm here to sign him in. He's late.
"Oh... So you're here to sign him in?"
"He's late?"
*writes down 'Elijah Lyndon*


I got in a fight with my mom's forty year old friend tonight. An actual fight. In all honesty, she threw the first punch and tackled me to ground, so I started pulling her off by the hair. That escalated in to her punching me in the face, and my leg contorting so far up as to kick her in the face. I tried to get up and walk away, but she fucking tackled my ass down again and started choking me and clawing my neck, and punching me in the mouth. I think I hit her... not sure, though. Some bitch called the cops and told me I was gonna go to jail for defending myself.


I just listened to my friend's, Richard's, composition. It's a timelessly beautiful piece for piano and double bass, and God! Like, the piano just struck my soul... And the bass was just a bullet in the aorta. I almost cried- I'm not even joking! It was that good. And you can tell he put himself into every fucking note of that song. The tears were welling up in my eyes and my view getting all watery, but I was like, "NO! I am a grown ass lady. I will not cry at this... ungodly beautiful piece of classical music written by my friend. NO! I am wearing mascara!"
And then my soul wept.

Compositions, Week 2

We had to write another song for Music Theory, so I got inspired by the idea of Nintendo. It's forty measures of pure video game bliss, my friend. Anyway, Hunter and I compared compositions, and hers sounds exactly like what I wrote for the first composition. The only real difference is that hers has synth instead of electric organ.

My English teacher made me read The Monkey's Paw aloud today.

We have to do this. I'll get a cake with lips on it that says "you'd better wise up", and we'll all sit in the garage watching the movie and acting it out. And there's not many people that could replace Tim Curry, but my older brother could. He could pull off that role SO well! And if enough people come, I'll be Janet and prance around in lingerie at the end. And I can sing Janet's parts, so... Yeah.
It's happening.


I also didn't mention this in my last blog, but we only had one fight at homecoming last night and, um... I was in it. Shekinah does this thing where she pulls my shirt down a little bit like she's gonna rip it off, and I always tell her not to and I get pissed when she does. So last night, I was standing next to Noah and she came up and popped my dress like she always does. Only, my dress was strapless and she popped it so had that my boobs, they fell out. The first thing I did was grab my tits and Hunter rushed over and pull it up again while Shin took off.


My date's parents were really fucking cool. His mom got out of the car, and I seriously thought it was his sister until he said something about it at the restaurant. She had long, bleached out hair with a brown undertone, and she didn't look old enough to have a BABY, let alone a teenager. I'll admit it, too- I stereotyped her when I first saw her in her North Face, flip flops, and track pants. I thought she was a fucking cheerleader bimbo-twat. And I had on these platform Demonia boots, and the first thing she did was gush over them, so I was taken off guard.