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Sugarcoated_Lies doesn't always comment...

But when she does, she leaves me a full fucking paragraph and I'm elated to here what she has to say. If I could favorite your blog, I would babe. You're seriously my number one on this site.

I joined Chess Club today and found out that I'm the first girl this year. It feels like home, what with all these boys running around, debating about which console is superior and whether or not they like Battlefield whilst stomping each other into the ground with their queens.


Got on reddit today in Music Theory and saw this. It's fucking gorgeous.


Leanna's ex-girlfriend said that if Leanna didn't stop talking to me or get back with her, she'd kill herself. But Leanna didn't, because she'd rather chew nails and glass than go back to dating Hannah. So, then Hannah convinced her dad to take her to the hospital and told everyone how Leanna and I drove her to "attempting suicide". Bitch didn't even tie a noose. She's just fine. And what's worse is that she used every little detail about my ACTUAL suicide attempt, which is the biggest insult I've ever heard.

Acid Pro

First off, I don't give a fuck about Amanda Todd, and I was wondering if anyone else feels that? I mean, seriously? You shouldn't have been acting like a whore in the first place. It's one thing to send nudes, but to someone you don't really know? That's pretty bad. Not to mention, people kill themselves everyday. As a result, I'm gonna be a scantily clad zombie carrying a bottle of bleach for Halloween. Rest in peace, Amanda. Also, we had to read Contents of A Dead Man's Pockets in English today.

A Cluster Fuck of Obscurity.

I let Hausman pick out my next haircut, so I guess I'm getting this. I'm really not even excited, because I'll probably be the one to do it and I'm scared I'll fuck it up like I did my bangs. It's not that my bangs even look bad, they just refuse to swoop. Fucking smart, right? So now, I have to dig through my brother's shit to find the clippers and the appropriate attachment or whatthefuckever so that I can have Hausman-approved hair. Because, let's be honest, he cares about my appearance more than I ever have. Fucking "Oh, KEUM!


Today in Chemistry, I was supposed to read the lab sheet and follow directions. Needless to say, I skimmed through it and tried to play God. And honestly, I regret doing that because apparently, when mixed with Zinc, Hydrochloric acid is extremely flammable. And instead of putting the flame over the Zinc Chloride to hear it pop, I threw the flame into the test tube and the teacher had to break out the extinguisher. I think I just failed the class...


You know how there's always a song that describes how you feel? Well, this is it today. And I don't mean this in a love story kind of way, I mean this in a very "depressed and losing all hope that there's a place for me in life" and a "the only person who ever really understands me can't be with me because he's too old and I'm a minor" kind of way. Enjoy.


This is the dress I wore to Homecoming. My sister made me model it for her in our backyard that day. That's her in the last picture. And the best thing? I'm seven years younger than her, and I still a lot taller than her without the boots.