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I'm an idiot

In Music Theory, we have to remix a song, and of course I pick Smile Like You Mean It, a ridiculous choice because it's my favorite song ever and I think it's perfect the way it is.

Grave Encounters

I just saw the first horror movie to ever actually fuck with me. It's about this ghost hunting show called "Grave Encounters", and this staged lock-in at an asylum. Shit starts getting real and they actually realize the place is haunted. So, they start trying to find their way out and they're just trapped in this one part of the building. I think when it hit home for me was when they opened the front door and it just lead into another fucking hallway. And the camera man, Matt, goes missing and then you find him in this room later on, insane and in a fucking hospital gown.


This is me coming out as bidemisexual. Demisexual means that I'm halfway in between sexual and asexual. This being said, I only like people that I share an emotional connection with. For instance, I don't find anyone at my school sexually attractive. And then I become friends with somebody. And then I become emotionally connected, and finally sexually attracted to that person. Ex: Leanna and Hausman. The first prefix, "bi-", spawns from the fact that I can be sexually attracted to either gender if an emotional connection occurs.


[X] Had beer.
[ ] Smoked an entire cigarette.
[/] Done drugs.
[X] Written on a bathroom wall.
[X] Read a George Orwell book.
[X] Had a physical fight.
[X] Used Twitter.
[X] Listened to Lady Gaga.
[X] Been in a car accident.
[ ] Gotten suspended.
[ ] Gotten expelled.
[ ] Been allergic to something.
[X] Got a computer virus.
[X] Touched a real gun.
[X] Had a dog.
[X] Had a cat.
[ ]Been pregnant.
[X] Camped out.
[ ] Swam in the ocean.
[X]Wore a bikini.
[X] Driven a car.
[X] Been sent to the principal.
[X] Ever liked someone.
[X] Failed a class.
[X] Failed a test.
[ ] Went to summer school.


I have really weird views on abortion, I guess. Like, I think that if you're raped, you should get an abortion. You should also get an abortion if:
- You're in high school and can't support a baby
- You don't love the father and think the child will suffer for that
- You don't have the financial means to care for it
Which means that my siblings and I wouldn't be here. I don't know what you guys think about it, but I'd get an abortion for anything unless I knew I was mature enough, I was going to share a child with somebody special, or I could support it.

All you need to know about tonight.

~Playing Soul Calibur with Leanna~
*mashes X*
Up your game, bro. *R2+X*
(Player 2 wins)


So, my mom got me a new razor today. It's awesome. But I got a little carried away and shaved my entire body, legit. I had my Beatles tape in while I was showering, and when I got out, Across The Universe came on. I walked into my bedroom and caught my naked reflection in the mirror. So I started dancing a little. And I realized, my body-- one I had been so ashamed of for so long-- it isn't so bad. In fact, it's pretty great. I've got good, solid thighs, a shapely ass, and perky ass breasts. And best of all, I have an hourglass. A perfect fucking hourglass. So, that's my homework.


My friend, Cheyenne, is pregnant. Like, she pulled her shirt up today to show me her stomach, and she had had to unbutton her jeans, and her little belly was poking out. I told her she had options and she looked insulted, but I think she forgets that this isn't a game. Pregnancy is some serious shit, and she's too small to have it vaginally, if she even makes it through the pregnancy. And even then, that's a huge commitment. Bigger than marriage. She's a fucking sophomore and keeping a baby is going to ruin her life. God. Even so, I guess my only option is to support her.

Guess Who's Lost the Essay She Was Writing For Her English Class

This bitch. t(-_-t)

I'm seriously out of things to blog about.

I've got my Halloween costume all figured out. I'm gonna be Amanda Todd! So, I've got a brown wig, a hospital gown and bracelet, those generic socks they give you, and an empty bleach bottle that I have to rinse out and put tea in. I'll post pictures later.