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Harry Potter and the Seven Years of Angst

After giving it hardly any thought, I definitely like book Harry, especially the younger he was.
He was just such a crafty little bastard. If anyone out there cares, I would like to have a show of how many people favor which Harry Potter, and why.

Da Faq

So, I found this old pic of Gerard somewhere in the interwebs, and I find it highly attractive.
Not because his licking his thumb in a very... sensual way.
Not because he's not that much older than me in it.
But because he's wearing a fucking Motörhead shirt.

Pop Quiz

Q: How do you know your relationship failed?
A: This song starts to make all the sense in the world. >
P.S. Ignore the picture montage. This was the only semi-decent upload I could find.


I figure it's about time that I told you all.
My grandmother's currently in the hospital after my mom called an ambulance and had to beg her mother-in-law to go with the EMTs. They were supposed to perform a biopsy today, but my grandmother refused. Instead, she decided that she would take her possibly cancerous self home with us, in our already crowded house, EVEN THOUGH a biopsy could for sure decide what is wrong with her. It could save her life, and she would rather come home and die than accept treatment that could give her at least ten more years.
I don't even feel remorse for her.

Meet the Pyro

It's gorgeous.

What the Fuck, Alton CU 11?

I heard someone jiggling the handle of the back door, so I got up and went to check it. I opened the door to find my little brother, who just got home from summer school. I was supposed to get him off the bus, but I forgot because I've never had to before. The scary part is that they let him off WITHOUT someone there to receive him. They legally CAN'T do that! He's a tiny six year old boy with a learning disability, whose small fingers can barely open the screen door. If he HADN'T gotten inside the breezeway of our back patio, I wouldn't have heard him out there.

Kill The Rock

So, I'm pretty sure I turned Shekinah (Shi-KAI-nuh, or Shin) onto Mindless.
If you're reading this and you're wondering about her name, she's not Mexican or Asian. She's a tiny white girl with blue hair and a bad attitude, and her mother is super fucking normal. How she even THOUGHT to name her kid this is beyond me, but her last name is even worse (Yinegas, roughly spelled). But on Spotify, I had an entire sidebar filled with MSI songs she had listened to.

There Shall Be No More "Sing It Out".

I'm pretty sure I have laryngitis. Monday, I woke up crying, complaining that my throat hurt. Yesterday, my voice was raspy and I could sing without it going out. And today, I can't even talk without my voice giving out. I probably need to go to the doctor, but I hope I don't get my tonsils removed OR still don't have a voice at Warped.


Feeling the heat return to you for the first time in a year,
Drawing a mural in chalk on your driveway because, hey- you're not excepted to do something other than that.
Trying on swimsuits in the middle of department stores,
Getting beach towels and catching some waves,
Feeling as though you're invincible as you jump on your bed to the beat of your favorite song on full blast.

Going on a road trip and singing your least favorite song with a smile on your face,
Drinking Starbucks coffee and walking through the mall with your friends,
Watching a parade in city as you giggle with

So, what the fuck?

I don't know why everyone worships MCR like fucking Gods, but shit! Even though they seem like decent guys, I'm sure they have lots of flaws and can be awful people at times- like normal fucking middle aged men that AREN'T the object of teeny bopper fantasies. So just chill the fuck out, yeah? Cause I'm sure they get tired of it and want to shoot us when we tackle them in public for autographs and act rude as Hell, which you all know you do.