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How I Feel About "Wow, I Can Get Sexual, Too"

~car ride home~
UGH! This song sucks ASS!

~walking around at Warped Tour~
*whistles to self*

~lying in bed~
*texts lyrics to friend*

~on computer~
*watches on YouTube*

~in garage~

I Laughed Myself To Sleep

This morning, I woke up to my mom bringing my grandmother's best friend from high school into my dirty room, just to show her my artwork. And then they started fangirling over My Chemical Romance together, and I found that she's a huge supporter of the Human Rights Campaign- I love this woman.
Anyway, my brother's boyfriend played me this song on Wednesday, and so it's stuck in my head.
My apologies to anyone who hasn't heard it yet.

I Dyed My Hair Black Again

It makes me feel comfortable, really.

It Hurts To Know That I Won't Even Touch It

Out of boredom, I got on eBay and looked at cars. I found one. It's in Belleville- a whole thirty minutes from my hometown, right now, and it's exactly what I've always wanted.
Oh, '81 Trans Am with black leather interior, low mileage, T-top, and custom paint job, why must you hurt me in this way?


I kind of want to go out for cheerleading this year. I mean, I'm not small or flexible enough to be a flyer, so I'll probably snag a part as a base, due to my strength and uncanny determination to throw people in the air. I've never actually TRIED to be a cheerleader and when I signed up in middle school, everyone laughed and made fun of the supposed punk who'd be wearing ribbons in her hair and skorts that came down to her mid-thigh. But I have determination, and that's all that matters.


I can't.

Time Flies

I asked my parents what the eighties looked like. They kind of just eyed my purple and black striped tunic and my polka dot leggings, then turned away. It turns out my mom was grunge and my dad was a punk. I was bit shocked by this discovery until I realized that I used to wear my mom's flannel shirts all the time as a kid, and remembered how many times my dad tried to give me a mohawk.


If I ever have kids, I'll probably end up having a girl first. I've been in love with the idea of Michaela, and calling her Mikey. I don't want boys- I'm afraid of the first time they come home with a busted lip because some asshole beat him up, so with my luck I'll have twin boys. If I do, I'm naming them Mordecai and Ashley.

The World Has Turned

I was just lying in my bed when I got the inspiration that caused this brainwave. "When the world changes everyday, how do you know who to trust?" This sparked a mental image of the world turning into technicolor geometric shapes that had broken apart, and perfect strangers hold each other and letting each other know that everything was going to be alright. I don't know why I thought of that, but then I leapt to the thought of waking up the next day in a maximum security prison, and then in an apartment with superpowers.

My Aching Tentacles

Today, I went to Warped for the first time with my friends. The traffic was backed up, so we got there late, and then everything was packed. We eventual split up and after awhile, I found I Fight Dragons on the Tilly stage. They sounded pretty good, so I considered buying a CD. By the time I got to the stand, they were signing SO I got in line with my Club Nintendo bag, because hey- why the fuck not? I then bought Kaboom!, the appropriately named album, and decided to try to get into them. After aimlessly wandering around, I found an inflatable rainbow slip 'n slide.