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My favorite song. Seriously though, my alarm clock plays this song every morning.

Another Poem Without A Title, By Yours Truly

The feeling inside is like
Drinking alone on a Tuesday night
And you know why he never returns your calls,
But you keep on throwing back that tequila and
Hope to God that he's not fucking her
Though you know he is and that
Doesn't do a damn thing but rip that hole in your heart a little bit wider.
And for a minute, you lose sight of your love and hate consumes you.
You regret that shot of vodka and do another,
Just to wallow further into your self-hate parade.
And you're empty,
Like he's the only thing you're living for, and you want to die.
Like a bag of popcorn in a movie

Rize of The Fenix

I'm definitely getting this bird on my back in March, but I must first work out two problems. Should I go to Underground or Off The Wall, and do I want "incinerate the lives of everyone you know" scrawled around it in italics? I mean, I might stop liking MCR one day, as unlikely as that seems, and I may not want it on my body anymore. Either way, it's better than "disco inferno". I might do it; it can't go worse than Nathaniel's two Lady Gaga tattoos...
Shit, this is going to hurt.

I'm The Kind of Human Wreckage That You Love

I was listening to "Blood" and I realized how much it relates to me. For the last six years, I've had to get my blood drawn monthly, so it's given me time to get used to the idea of needles. I've had some pretty bad run-ins, too- the time I couldn't move my arm for two days, having it drawn from my hand, and switching arms four times and receiving nasty bruises due to the incompetence of a tech. After a while, I just got used to the needle, but never the stupid ass rubber tourniquet that's always way too tight.

Triple Threat: Soundtrack of a Killjoy

People are doing this "Profile of a Killjoy" thing, and they keep listing an anthem. I don't actually have one song, so I figured this would be a goof way to get rid of my current boredom.
Track 1: Whatever by Liam Lynch
Track 2: We Are Rockstars by Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Track 3: Chinese Bombs by Blur
Track 4: Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes
Track 5: Astro Zombies by The Misfits- no offense, but I hate MCR's cover.
Track 6: Helena Beat by Foster The People
Track 7: Roll With It by Oasis
Track 8: Stylo by Gorillaz
Track 9: Timebomb by Beck

Heard It Made a Killing on Opening Night

I've spent all morning trying to convince my mom that my six-year-old brother is both mature and mentally sound enough to see The Dark Knight Rises with us tonight. Who else could we trust to have an opinion on this? My older brother, Aaron. My only argument left is this:
"Mom, Eli loves superheroes. He's seen every Superman movie. He loved the five minutes of X-Men that he caught a glimpse of. He plays every single video game that contains a hero, and his only aspiration in life is to be Batman. He loves this, and you will regret taking him to Ice Age.


Why did Tiffany dump you? < notice what this starts out with
"I don't have a job."
Dude, just ask your rich ass parents if you can work off $30 somehow, and get a license. And it's not like nobody hates cabbing you all over- we would pull together dough just to get rid of you. Get a license, and fill out some fucking applications to burger joints. No job experience? Volunteer someplace and get references. No car? We live near a major city; take the bus, the metro, fucking car pool, even.

Trolling Hard

In eighth grade, I had two Math classes, and one of the teachers was a total bitch. Anyway, at the end of the year, she assigned this project on scale; we had to draw a simple picture and make it twice as big as the original. As a coy idea crossed my mind, I raised my hand and asked how elaborate they could be, and could we maybe color them in? Her face got really red as her eyes bored into my soul, but she still said to go ahead and do it. I worked all class period on the small one, even though it was due that day, so I asked her for permission to take it home.

We Totally Mastered Three Chords- Call The Record Label!

Leanna and I turned ourselves into band mates. We actually do look like this.
"My life is a meme. BUH!"
"Pretty much."

The last time MCR play the St. Louis Pageant, it was December of 2010. I was in eighth grade, and my best friend was extremely excited about the concert.
"I won't be here that day", she spoke with such joy. "I GET TO GO SEE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!" Her face was lit up like a Christmas tree, the happiest she had been in awhile.
"Ew", was all I said before turning back to my peach cobbler. That year, I had ignored new wave music, and completely thrown myself into classic rock.
"Why 'ew'? MCR is the greatest."
"Dude, I seriously only liked that one song, 'Blood'." She just stared at me in