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My friends have been calling me a hipster, so I've decided to say fuck it and go all out. Gonna get some high waisted skirts, cardigans, cadaver shoes, and graphic tees. It shouldn't be too hard or expensive. I'll just go to Goodwill.

One last thing

You know what I decided to do for my Music Theory final exam? Well,aside from the remix I had to do for half of it, I'm going to record myself playing piano and singing. AT SCHOOL. I'm gonna shoot myself.. I mean, I've run out of creative flare to point where I have to subject myself to public humiliation. That's pretty awful. Guess what song I'm doing.
Scarecrow, by My Chemical Romance.

Frankenflu LIVE:

My mom and Leanna got me sick with both a stomach flu and a wicked fucking cold, so I stayed home to day with nausea, a fever, and some other shit. I spent most of today playing Pokemon, and the other part watching anime. Matt lent me Neon Genesis Evangelion, so I watched the first disc. I was so mad at this little fuck. I was like, "SHINJI, YOU DUMB LITTLE SHIT! WHEN YOUR CAPTAIN GIVES YOU AN ORDER, YOU DO THAT SHIT! WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU RETREAT?? YOU WERE CARRYING TWO OF YOUR CLASSMATES IN A STATE-OF-THE-ART, EXPENSIVE-ASS GIANT ROBOT THAT HAD THIRTY SECONDS OF ACTIVATION TIME LEFT.


For our last project of the year, we have to make two projects using MIDI files, recording of instruments or vocals, or originally composed melodies using Sibelius. So what's Richard making Hunter and me do? He's gonna make us fucking sing Lost Carol and give me the spoken solo from Float Up From Your Dream. Bitch is lucky that I love him. I don't know what I'm gonna do for my project... I might sing for it, but that requires hearing it later. I'll probably do a remix and make a melody.
Anyway, I'm not excited.

Bubble Gee.

We have to make a bad 80's song for Music Theory. But since bad 80's music is a true art form, I'm kinda just doing late 90's, early 00's. My song's about bubble gum and I'm writing and, unfortunately, performing my own lyrics. Look at this shit. I fucked this shit up so good..
Chew fast and blow it, 1-2-3
My gum, my gum, you know you wanna pop it
And snap it, watch me lose control
You know you cannot stop it
Oh snap, oh snap
Put that in your pocket
My cherry, luscious juice
My lipgloss smackin' all the time
You think that you can stop it?
Well go ahead and try.

Sup, Lauren Landa??

I'm going to the Anime St Louis convention next April, with all my friends. And guess who I'm cosplaying as? On Saturday, Hana from Michiko e Hatchin-- she's the first picture. Then Saturday night in the hotel, I'm gonna dye my hair orange and go as Ed from Cowboy Bebop on Sunday (second picture). Matt's going as Yoshino from Zetsuen no Tempest, the last one. It's so funny he said this, because aside from the huge green eyes, that's really what he looks like. I think my friend Anthony is going as Bridget from Guilty Gear. He actually has the costume already.

Matt's Birthday

Since Hausman's birthday is in two weeks and his party's gonna be in my house, I'm pretty much planning it. So I thought to myself, what does Matt love besides video games and Wes Anderson? Easy; pretzels, waffles, and Dr. Pepper. So that's exactly what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna get cans of Dr. Pepper and bags of pretzels, and I'm gonna make him a cake of homemade waffles. That shit's gonna be tight.

Jovial Bullshit Goes Here

Remixing I Want You Back, and the requirements that I'm missing are two loops of my choice. So I went to the FX bar and added this one then played it back. It sounded like a fucking gunshot in a Jackson Five song.. That's just rude. I panned it so that like, half the song is in one speaker and so on, and it sound a lot better. But I think my favorite part is when all the instruments drop for like, five seconds and all you hear is percussion and vocals. It's really nice. I'm SOO proud of this remix, guys.

I'm not saying she's a whore, but I lost my hair brush in her vagina.

I started reading A Clockwork Orange yesterday. It's very good, but there's a shitload of slang that I don't even understand. Then again, I read Trainspotting so I'll figure it out. Honestly, I think Kubrick ruined it. Just like he did The Shining. I mean, he's a good director, but he kinda just does whatever. Anyway, I was looking through the files on my school's computer and found Beethoven's 9th. I lol'd. Now I'm halfway tempted to hook it up to the speakers throughout the school and watch the kids suffer.

Fucking shit

I'm remixing Smile Like You Mean It and I thought it would be cool to add some dubstep to it or something. So I searched Skrillex by default and couldn't find shit that I could access. Then Daft Punk. Then Bassnectar, then Deadmau5. You wouldn't fucking believe how hard it is to find a damned MIDI file for dubstep on my school's computers. Fuck, I need flash drive. Like, really? MIDI sites are blocked, even though we need them for class?? OKAY. LOGIC! SO MUCH FUCKING LOGIC!! And I wouldn't even mind, except Reddit, Memebase, and Vimeo AREN'T blocked. And you know what else isn't blocked?