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Skylines And Turnstiles is the first song to Mcr isn't it? pleazz answer! <3 :3

- Pink Toxic Panda

YAAAAY t-shirt :D

yaaaay!!! I have finally ordererd the Wreckage t-shirt :DDDD Can't wait until I get it :DDD Hahaha really important to say Cx
What's uuuuup fellow killjoys? c:

- Pink Toxic Panda


Oh my gee, I am just sooo happy :DDDD I can't wait until tomorrow!!!
Hahahahaha just wanted to tell everyone :333

Keep running! <3

- Pink Toxic Panda

... No internet

I'm goint to be without internet for almost three weeks now so this is my last post on a quite long time :/
Just wanted to say to every killjoy here: Love you and keep running! <3

- Pink Toxic Panda


Okey, I'm really bored -.- just wanted you all to know x3
and btw HI xD I signed up a few days ago and wanted to say hiii to everyone, I've forgot to do that ^^p
Somebody who wants to talk? ^-^

Am I the only one having this problem? DDDDDD:

I can't get to My chemical romance's page on facebook D: it only goes to "top news" when I try to go on their page, is something wrong? Am I the only one having this problem???? Please answer! o____o

Happy international My Chemical Romance day!!! <333

Happy mcr day everyone! ;3
To My Chemical Romance: I love you, you mean so much to me. You guys are the best, never stop! <3
I'm so gonna listen to mcr the whole day, fuckyeah! ^^ <3
(the picture of a drawing is just something random I draw last night :p)