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I love you Kerrang! :D

I have seen many of you guys posting about Kerrang's poster magazine about mcr and I never thought we would have it in my town! I didn't even think we would have it in my country! I Was so happy when I saw it in a store today. I am now hanging up all the awesome posters!!! <3 This totally made my day :DDDD To you guys who doesn't have it yet: Go buy it NOW!!! ;DD

The comic book shirt

Anybody who have ordered the comic book shirt on
If you have, did it take a long time before you got it? What did the shipping cost? Please answer c:

xoxo Pink Toxic Panda

bored as hell.

I am bored as hell, somebody who wants to message me? c: I don't bite, promise <3

xoxo Pink Toxic Panda

Na na na <3

So I'm like watching hellcats on tv, or not really but its on in the background (hellcats its new here... idk other places but...) and suddenly I hear na na na!! I was like o____________o :DDDDD ^_______________________________________^ NA NA NA NA NA!!! <3<3 hahah I had to share it, never heard mcr on tv here o.o

To I love mcr.

If you read this: Don't do it, your life is worth so much.

MCR gifs <3

Hahahahaha, here are some of my favourite mcr gifs <3 ;D

Random question :3

What other bands does you killjoys like besides my chemical romance?? ^^
I like Panic! at the disco, Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Mayday Parade and some other bands ;D

xoxo Pink Toxic Panda <3

It's so sad, but beautifuuul <3

Heard the song Terrible Things by Mayday Parade? God I almost cry everytime I hear it, I am torturing my self since it's so sad, but it's so beautiful! <3
If you haven't heard the song you must do it NOW!! With lyrics<3

xoxo Pink Toxic Panda <3

The contest?????? PLEASE ANSWER

The contest where you can win tickets to see blink and mcr on front row at the hollywood bowl, meet-and-greet and two signed guitars (mcr postet about it on facebook some minutes ago) do you have to live in USA and be over 18 to participate???? D:


Have you watched the video of Gerard wishing Freddie Mercury happy birthday? I saw it yesterday and I thought it was really sweet of Gerard. But when I looked at the comments they were so many hatefull comments D: People had comment: faggot, and many comments about mcr suck and others hatefull comments... It shocked me o.o