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FuckYeahFrerard's blog

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yayy look what I've got!! :33

FRANKIE GLOVES!! I love them! :D


Yup.My weekend just got ruined, hope you'll have a nice one.

My awful drawings xD

Can you see who I painted on the first one? I fucked op his cute nose and everything really -.-
I'm not at drawing, but I'm trying ;P Whatcha think? Want your honest opinions about my drawings ;3 so I can do it better nexttt time ;]

xoxo Toxic Revenger

MERRY X MAS!! <3 look what I got yesterdaaaaay!!!

Look what my sister made me for christmas! :DDD I.LOVE.IT ^_______________^

xoxo Toxic Revenger

I started crying when I saw this..<3
How are you killjoys? <3 Long time no see

So.. it's been a while since I have been on, but nothing special has happened lately.. sooo I just felt like posting a blog since I haven't posted a blog in a while.
How are you killjoys? I'm really looking forward to christmas!!! OMG :D what are you guys wishing for christmas? ^^ I hope I'm gonna get the Comic Book t shirt! Haha ;D
It's 1. December tomorrow, wow. I think it's time for the greatest christmas song of all times <3

xoxo Toxic Revenger


Happy birthday Frank!!! Hope u have a good day!!! you are awesome!!! <3
Happy Ieroween!! <3


I am addicted to this song!!! <3 x]]
Me <3 The used
MCR is the best ofc, they will always be the best!!! ;D <3

xoxo Toxic Revenger

From I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love, till danger days: the true lives of the Fabulous killjoys, this band, this band of four men, this band of four, amazingly talented, crazy, smart, funny, deticated, strong, men are the reason alot of us are alive, the reason most of us still walk on this planet. They sang their was to our hearts with skylines and turnstiles, and still bring tears to our eyes with Summertime. They continue to do endless tours, just to make their millions of fans happy, just to give us the best night of our lives!


Yeah so I just felt like posting a blog :{D
What's up fellow killjoys?
Somebody wants to message me? I don't bite, promise! :D
Remember that I love you and stay beautiful and keep it ugly <3

Hahaha, Gee is so cute on the picture! (but he's always cute)
xoxo Toxic Revenger <3