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When I grow up...

I WANT TO BE NOTHING AT ALL. OK so i couldnt think of an entirely suitable MCR lyric to quote but this one seems OK for this post on the joys of work experience. So i'm there for a week at some little art gallery and today was my first day so i got there nice and early to make a good impression and all that and it was basically deserted.

Mikey Fuckin Way

This is basically to say Happy BIrthday Mikey, you sir, are awesome. Please never stop. From Jenny
And in other news, Doctor Who is tonight, I've got work experience next week and I think thats about it :)

Back To School :(

So today was the end of the holidays, the end of freedom, and the end of my Leeds wristbands shortlife. Oh yeah, and the beginning of hell in year 11. Ok, so the day could have gone a lot worse but it was still pretty crap. After six weeks of doing nothing, waking up whenever, eating pizza and Ben and Jerrys for breakfast and sitting at the computer all day it was not good.

Time to move on?

So I go back to school tomorrow and I was thinking maybe its time to accept that it wasn't her fault.

It seems like forever ago...

OK so I know it was only just over a week ago but does anyone esle feel like Leeds Fest must have happened ages and ages ago now that the holidays are (nearly) over and everyones going back to school? :( For me it was my second time seeing MCR and was one of the best shows i've ever been to and was definetely something i'm going to remember for the rest of my life.

And also, was anyone else kinda disappointed with 30 seconds to mars' performance on the whole?

I'm new here

So I'm kinda new on this site so er, Hi :) I first heard of MCR in 2008 but didn't actually get to listen to them until later on when I heard Welcome To The Black Parade and if anyone heres on MCRmy then feel free to add me (i'm nightmare_child). And i think thats it :)