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Saw evanescence last night :) I dont really feel like doing a write up right now though so i'll leave it at that... But i would aslo like to mention the merch was seriously overpriced. £25 for a tshirt???

I Give Up

What is the fucking point? Seriously? What exactly is there to look forward to. All we get told in school is that if we work hard and gets loads of As everything will be open to us and we'll be able to follow our dreams. But what if your dream doesn't revolve around a 9-5 job making loads of money for some meaningless coorporation? What then? And yeah, I do have dream. I want to be the singer in a band with 5 members( 1 drummer, 1 bass, 2 guitars, 1 singer and then one of the guitar players on backing vocals/screaming). Its all worked out but then we hit a fundamental problem. I can't sing.


Last night i saw the blackout and it was fucking awesome. Me and my mate got there an hour before the gates opened and there was already a massive queue that we stood in for a hour competely freezing to death cos its november at night and when you're just wearing a tshirt its FREEZING! And then by the time we were let in and had bought merch Page 44 only had one song left... So i'll start with canterbury. I only really knew one of their songs but they were still really god. The We Are The Ocean came on and they started a pit right next to me which wasnt great but I didnt get too crushed.

Does Love Exist?

OK so me and my friend were discussing this at lunch today and in her opinion 2 people cannot be in "love" but I think they can and we were asking loads of people and at the moment i'm winning because more people believe in it but what do you guys think?

Sign and repost :D

Sign your name and re-post!! C'mon, Killjoys! :)
"I pledge to stay safe and never give up. To fight and not lose myself and never lose the value of my life. Because without me the MCRmy is one person weaker and one less person to care about us or me. I don't promise to love or not hate myself, I promise to try to keep going no matter how bad this gets"
Dr. De_Tox6 (Ritalin Revenge)
Nightmare Toxins (taytay)
Toxic Roulette!
Chemical Rejection (Chem)
Catastrophic Plague <3
Toxic Touch!! 'Feel the burn'
Professor Black-Blood -!>xox nlm(//_o)mln to BL/ind
Dark Valentine - Rage and



and uh, yeah, that's all I have to say

We're going to hell... so bring the sunblock

so i would just like to say that in one week and one day I will be seeing the blackout for the third time this year and i cannot fucking wait.

Songs they NEED to play:
save ourselves
said and done
no more waiing (probably not very likely but it would be great)
never by your side
we're going to hell

i'll do a full write up of it after its happened and now i should probably go listen to some more we are the ocean so i at least konw a couple of songs they play...

The Black Parade Will Never Die

So I know this is a couple of days late but I wanted to say happy birthday to one of the best albums ever created. This was the first MCR album I ever bought in 2009 and it got me hooked. I couldn't stop listening to it and I still can't today. Its helped me through shit so many times and i just want to say thank you to mikey, frank, gerard, ray and bob for creating this masterpiece even though it put them through so much crap. My favourite songs have gotta be mama, welcome to the black parade and famous last words.

Boredom and dinosaurs

Soooooo its half term and i'm really bored wondering what do get done to my hair. Should i get a full fringe, more layers or should i just dye it purple which is what i really want. Yeah, cant see that happening.

And this is probably one of the most boring blorg entries ever created so heres a picture of a t-rex skull i put on photoshop.yay.

Yes, I am stealing again and no, I won't stop it

1..Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.
refurbish.We didnt have enough money but we spent the next three

2.Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, What can you touch?
a free promotional calendar from investec

3.Before you started this survey, what were you doing?
trying to think of a way to fill the afternoon

4.What is the last thing you watched on TV?
HP and the chamber of secrets

5.Without looking, guess what time it is

6.Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?

7.With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

8.When did