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Failing at "love"

Oh god, i'm actually blogging about "boy troubles". I feel i have reached a new low. So anyway, theres this guy i really like at school which means there has been a grand total of 3 guys i've liked at school. Nothing has ever come of these crushes/obsessions, whatever you wanna call them. Like the 2nd guy i liked, i never even spoke to him so that was a total fail.

Me :D

001. Real Name → Jenny
002. Nickname[s]→ -
003. Male Or Female → Female
004. Elementary → Done
005. Middle school → Done
006. High School → -
007. Hair Color → Dark blondish
008. Long Or Short → Short
009. Loud Or Quiet → Quiet
010. Sweats Or Jeans → Jeans
011. Phone Or Camera → Camera
012. Health Freak → no
013. Drink Or Smoke? → neither
014. Do You Have A Crush On Someone? → yup
015. Eat Or Drink? → eat
016. Piercings? → none
017. Tattoos? → none

018. An Airplane → Yes
019. A Car Accident → No
020. A Fist Fight → No

021. First Piercing → -
022. First Best

That was ok really...

Wow, today wasn't actaully that bad. We had a free in the morning, then there was some people im friends with in Philosophy, in art we just messed about with charcoal and then our new goegraphy teachers seems really nice so yeh, maybe school wont actaully be that bad now we're in sixth form :P We still havn't been given lockers though which is annoying. Oh yeah, and then we had indivaidual photos today *shudders*. There, I knew something bad happened :P

Cos I feel like complaining.

Well it could be worse i guess. English and geography are all fine but then tomorrow i've got Philosophy and i know absolutely no one in my group. This would be fine yknow, i'd just sit on my own but we're expected to contribute to discussions and stuff and talk to the rest of the group which isnt great... Also this year, they havnt bothered to give us lockers so we're lugging 3 bags around and loads of files and stuff and our form room is now in one of the science labs meaning we get these really uncomfortable stools to sit on. Next thing on the list to complain about, free periods.

Last Day of Summer :(

Well there are now 22 hours til i have to be sitting in our school assembly hall listening to another speech by a teacher about the importance of education and experience and exams. Even more this year cos we will now be in sixth form (year 12) so we get to pick our subjects for A levels and stuff. I'm doing art which should be awesome, english language cos i thought it might be vaguely useful, philosophy cos it sounded interesting and geography. I guess some of them'll be alright.... and some of them'll be crap.
For some reason i spent pretty much all summer thinking about how schools

GCSE Results :D

Eng Lang-A
Eng Lit-A



im bored and have nothing better and i saw this around...

First song is the overall theme for the apocalypse
-these colours don't run-architects (this is off to a bleak start...)

Second song is what plays when you kill your first zombie
-sorry, you're not a winner-enter shikari (that would be awesome, sing along with the chorus whilst shooting a zombie-SORRY YOU'RE NOT A WINNER ZOMBIE. you could time the shots with the 'sorry you're not bit'. this is the perfect song for this

Third song plays when you get chased by a horde
-the last fight-bullet for my valentine (meh... it'll do)


Its been a while...

feels like i haven't been on here in ages. Must admit, this blog kinda got replaced by my one on deviantART which i am now completely addicted to. Gonna start using this one a bit more i think though. So, lots of things have happened in the last few months, i went to slam dunk festival for one and got to meet 4/6 of the blackout and james from deaf havana which was one of the most awesome things that has ever happened to me.

KONY 2012
For What It's Worth, I Still Hate You-Rant.

So to be honest, I'm not sure why i'm posting this but ah well. If you don't like reading self centred rants about friends then look away now. Anyways, today I was eating lunch with my "friends" and one of them starts complaing shes got a spot. Me and one of my other friends both had acne and all she had was a dot the size of a pinprick that wasn't red or flaming up at all. This leads to me telling her there's nothing there and gesturing to my own face. Apparently trying to make me feel better she tells me that it doesnt look like i've got spots.