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we'll carry on

I've known MCR for six years, been a fan for five. First album of theirs i bought was The Black Parade in 2009 except HMV sent me The Black Parade Is Dead instead so really thats the first MCR album i ever owned. From there i bought Revenge then Bullets and then had Danger Days on pre order for about 2 months. I was, and still am, pretty obsessed. I have all the albums, loads of posters of them on my walls, killjoy costume, black parade costume, guitar picks, roughly 5 tshirts (some bought, some handmade) and have had the luck to have seen them twice.

quite possibly the best video on youtube

well, in my opinion anyway. But seriously, this video is beautiful. (TimH-Reflective in perspective). Now i know where to go if i ever break up


Well it finally snowed where i live and this is the product... He's called Lord Hogrin and he's a dwarf-pig snow lord. yay.

Everything Will Be Alright In The End... if its not alright, then it is not yet the end.

Sorry, i just like that quote. It was in a film i saw yesterday (the best exotic marigold hotel...i think). And yeh, that was the purpose of this blog. Yay.
I also have a new obsession in John Green books. Have read Fault in Our Stars and Looking For Alaska. Liked both, completely obsessed with Alaska. If you havn't read it, would highly recommend. And if you have read it then go and read it again because it is beautiful. Especially the end.

"Thomas Edisons last words were 'Its very beautiful over there." I don't know where there is but i

Snape-"You have your mothers eyes" Me-*bursts into tears*

Good morning, or evening, or afternoon. I dunno if it'd class as afternoon or evening here cos its 4pm but its dark outside.... anyways... i dont really have anything to write, i just felt like blogging for a bit. Need to do christmas shopping. Getting kinda urgent cos i still have no idea what im getting anyone.


He likes me :) <3
thats all i really have to say xxx


YAAAAY!!!! though i dunno why i'm getting excited cos nobody celebrates Halloween around here. We used to get some trick or treaters but they don't usually bother coming all the way up our hill so we never get them any more.

I really need to stop doing these...

1) Height? er... about 5 "7ish
2) Virgin? yeh
3) Shoe size? 6 or 7.
4) Sexual orientation? Straight
5) Do you smoke? no. hate the smell
6) Do you drink? no, i only really like water :P
7) Do you take drugs? no
8) Age you get mistaken for? peopel dont really guess my age that much but 18ish?
9) Have tattoos? no
10) Want tattoos? not sure. Theres too many things i'd want tattooing and i'd always change my mind so i'll stick to drawing on myself with biros :P
11) Have piercings? no
12) Want piercings? probably not
13) Best friend? Dana i guess
14) Biggest turn ons? idk
16) Biggest

Well tomorrow is gonna be shit

Explanation-i've gotta go on a geogrpahy fieldtrip where we will stand in a field and drill holes in the ground and measure how tall grass is. I'm being serious. And the weather is due to rain constantly all day so that'll be lovely... Plus none of my friends do goegraphy so that'll be alone, in a field, measuring grass in the rain and missing my art lessons :( Oh and then we've got another fieldtrip next tuesday as well. WHHHHYYYY??????? and yeh, im in a severe self pity mood -_-
I've also become addicted to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together-Taylor Swift, Im not sure how this happened

Well i passed out at a gig...

Saw Halestorm last night and it was awesome until the 2nd last song and then everything went really blurry and i ended up collapsing and waking up in a side corridor being sick on a security guard. Not my finest moment. (And no, i wasnt drunk/on drugs or anything). And then on the way home i ended up being sick on the side of the motorway and falling in a ditch. I am such an idiot.