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CANADA DAY and other such lovelies

SO, I'm done grade eleven...
I graduate next year (imgonnadie!!)
Friends are a bit iffy at the moment
Not much artistic flow...
And Friday was Canada Day!
Canada day was fun, had some friends over and saw the fireworks, lots of fun :)
Yesterday was the Gay Rodeo in Strathmore, that was fun, I'm not gay but I'm a supporter-er.
And... yeah. Not much goin on. Listening to a lot of music and sleeping in! I love summer, but I hate the heat :P
I've been thinking of dying my hair this summer, but I don't know what colour. My friend went red like Gerard Way red... so I can't do that... I've done black for two years now... I'm kinda thinking of like the front half of my hair like pink or blue and the back half black but I don't know ... -.- my hair is just pissing me off lately. I hate the length... it's at that awkward length....
I really want a tattoo of 'Stay Beautiful, Keep it Ugly'... but I'm scared to, and also.. I need to wait a year till I am legal -.-

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Ah. They come to Canada again!! BUT... I will sadly not be able to see them. Not only do they not come to Calgary, but they won't be in Alberta at all -.- kinda makes me depressed. A lot of very nice fellow Killjoys have suggested I go to the Vancouver one cause some people are getting together some sort of bus trip thing to see them, but even if my parents would allow it... I will be in Saskatchewan at that time... so it just doesn't work all around! But I am glad I was able to see them in April. I will just sit patiently and wait till they have another tour :) *dies*

On another note, I got a smidgen of inspiration and I am determined to draw Gerard and Mikey. I printed off a picture just now and I will try to work on that!! ^^

Any who. Off to exams and other such lovely events!!

'Stay Beautiful, Keep it Ugly!' Peace fellow Killjoys!!!! <3

-Chemical Skeleton

ps. the picture attached is the one I will be drawing!

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UPDATE... or lack thereof

Right, well it's been nearly two months since I saw MCR live in Calgary and just last weekend I was at Otafest (geekfestival you could call it) anywho, the vendors were in MacEwan Hall!!!! I walk in and was like 'i've been here before' then it was like 'OMFG!!! OMFGAWD!!! MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE PERFORMED IN THIS EXACT HALL!!!!' yeah I had a spaz attack in my head. It was great :D

But now... my life is spiralling down to a dead end. Friendships have been falling apart, I'm struggling with feelings for this guy and I HAVE NO CREATIVE FLOW!!! I have not drawn anything for weeks and I'm getting so fed up. Like if I can't draw or write I'm a mess. I've been such a bitch.... so I've been listening to MCR a lot. It helps but I really wanna draw... but whenever I get to a blank piece of paper my brain like... dies on me and I get really frustrated and restless.

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Well, there you have it, my first MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE concert was last night and let me just say these two words: "FUCKING AMAZING!!!!" I got front row and I could see Gerard so much better than I ever expected to. They sound absolutely amazing live, I honestly almost started crying when he started singing. I was screaming and singing so much that I no longer have a voice, but it was so worth it. If I could go back and watch it again, I totally would. It has made my life. I hope they come to Calgary again. If and whenever they do, I will fight for my life to get tickets. Best Birthday Present ever. I am content.

04/06/11 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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OH. MY. GOD. I have been counting down the days and now that it's almost here, I can barely believe it!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! Me and my two friends are going to leave right after school tomorrow. There is no way I am waiting any longer to leave. If I could leave earlier than school ending, I would... but I can't ): STILL!!!! I'M STILL JUST EXCITED TO BE GOING!!!! EEEK!!!!


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Ponder ponder

Well, I have a bit of a problem at the moment. I recently started to teach myself guitar (I'm not starting off very well though, already broke two strings) but I really want to succeed with this. I have an acoustic that my aunt gave me since she didn't use it, it's in really good condition so I was really thankful, especially since I didn't have to pay for it. But recently I've been thinking; it would be nice to eventually get an electric. Unfortunately, I have no clue what brands are good. Frick, I don't even know what my acoustic is!! Yes, I am a total loser when it comes to guitars. ):
So....Does anyone have any advice on what a good electric guitar would be for a beginner? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you!!


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I am literally counting down the days till I see My Chemical Romance in Calgary. I have it down perfectly. There are 26 days until my 17th birthday, and then from that date is another 9 days. I will be 17 for nine days by the time I see them. I am so excited!!!! But, unfortunately, I don't think my friend will be coming with me. My only way of contacting her is facebook, and she's rarely on and... I've had no words from her that gives any hint of her being allowed to come. So that's really depressing. I'm going to have to ask someone else. What sucks is none of my friends who live in a reasonable distance (and by reasonable, I mean; 'Not in another province') don't really listen to My Chemical Romance. I'm in a bit of a dilemma. My one friend though did say that if I help her pay for a flight ticket, she would come all the way from Kitchener, Ontario to Strathmore, Alberta. Yes...

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OH.MY.GOD. I cannot wait till April sixth. I have been waiting for the day to see MCR live since I was first introduced to their music.My friends are all pissed at me since I don't stop talking about it. 45 days though!!! Honestly!!! And only like ten days after I turn 17? I'm trippin man. This is my birthday present to me since I know no-one would EVER give me tickets for my birthday! I just hope my best friend will be able to come with me. I haven't seen her in four years and she was the one who showed me My Chemical Romance. This is the perfect opportunity to reunite with her after so long. FINGERS CROSSED HER DAD LET'S HER!!!!! :)

SO.F******. EXCITED.

EEEEK!!!!! :D

yeah, kaii, I'm done :P