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i wish the band would post random pictures like they used to do!
i miss that!

most epic christmas present ever!!

i just thought of the most awsomest present to give to my friends!
a mix cd!!!!!!!:)
since me and my friends are into music:P, i thought it would be great to give them music for christmas, instead of something that will probably get old and be pointles and will probable will live forever.
i will make the bestest mix ever!i will dedicate this cd to my lovely friends!
p.s= wats a better present then then gift of music!
p.s.s= im thinkin of putting nsn,mcr,millionaires,the ready set,bvb on it and much more!!!
oh, and if you can recommend a song for me to put on the cd, please let me

best morning ever!!

so i fell asleep on the couch last night and i left the tv on, on mtv. and when my mom was waking me up for school in the morning i was dreaming i was listening to "sing", and when i woke up the music video was playing! once i saw it i just jumped out of the couch and started to sing along to it XP haha thats the first time i got up for school on time! and then the new music video for the ready set was playing after and the new music video for 30 seconds to mars was playing! this was to most awsomeest morning ever! :D

amazing mcr backgrouds for your computer!

i signed the petition "frank iero is innocent". and i looked at the other petition to puit frank in jail and i shed tears.:'(. i cant believe people are saying mean stuff about him.some asshole said "that man should be killed" and i just lost it!! its like people talking about your friend that way! i would like to say that frank is innocent and just expressing himself in songs.and also fuck all you fuckers!!!

where is kerrang sold in the u.s?

i really want the magazine that comes out today, but i cant find it anywhere, except maybe in best buy. but my little town dosent have a best buy.please help me!!!!

better living industries website!

i didnt know that this excisted until now. check it out!

sign and repost!

We're more than a fanbase.
We're more than an army.
We're more than a goddamn FORCE OF NATURE.
We're a family.
And families won't let each other take anyone's shit. Families won't let anyone take anyone else alive. Families won't push each other round, we stick together, through and through. And we're gonna see each other out through the tough days, celebrate with us through our good days, and hold us when we're tired and sore and sick of life. And No-one can tear us apart.

~Fraulein Arson
~Sam Shell
~Katie Brent
~*Apocalyptic Princess*
~mychemicalmartha aka Detonation Lover
~ GWay4eva /


i just saw it and im so fucking excited!!!! :))))
since it in may. that gives me time to collect money for it :P haha
yes im so stoked!!!

blah blah blah....boredXP (random pics)

When Did You First Discover MCR?
i was watching fuse and i saw welcome to the black parade.after,i was like, i have to get that album!!!:D
When Did You Start to Like MCR?
when i saw welcome to the black parade :)
Which Was Your First Song?
welcome to the black parade
Which Was Your First Album?
the black parade
What Was Your First Music Video?
welcome to the black parade
Which Band Member’s Name Did You Learn First?
first gerard <3. i dont really remember cause it was a long time ago. :P
Favourite Song
this is the best day ever!
Favorite Album
three cheers for sweet revenge