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kristen stewart and gerard both share the same birthday...

but gerard is awsomerrrrr.....:]haha
happy birthday Gereard imma make a nice yummy cake and be in my killjoys gear and jam out to mcr!!yaay! whos with me??

gee's b-day!!

imma spend the whole saturday dedicated to gee! imma make the biggest and yummyiest cake ever and celebrate his birth!:Dhaha.and listen to mcr all day long! saturday is gonna rule!!


so i was voting like crazy for mcr and it blocked me and sayed that i had too many votes...hahaha:D thats so funny!so please vote for mcr for me...cause they blocked me!haha...


supposedly i heard that tonight is when the moon will be closest to earth...this happens every 2,000 years. im gonna sit outside and watch the moon tonight!!!

headbanging makes u sore...but it is awsome!!

the title pretty much sums this blog up. lol
i went to a concert tuesday night with my friend. it was called the welcome to hell tour...and i was moching all night long. and yesterday and today my whole neck is sore and my shoulders too :(. everything on me is sore! but in a couple of days it will pass.
and i might go to another one next week! ha it awsome!


some people were sayin that the end of the world is tommorrow, because tommorrow is when the moon comes really close to earth. supposedly the moon only does that every 2,000 years. do u believe that...or is this bullshit?also they sayed it was suppose to end last monday...
i think its BULL!


omg! that cancert last night was the best!!!it was in this medum sized room with all these people! and the bands were white chapel,chelsea grin,i declare war, veil of maya and acai. it was the best! my new band is veil of maya! i have bruies from moshpits, and ppl hitting me.awsome!:Dha and my mouth started bleeding. and when it was over, me and my friend were waiting for my parents to pick me up and i saw 2 of the bands piling their eqipment in their vans, and one of them was veil of maya!!!eeeeeepp!!!!!!!:) and i like the lead singer and i saw him and i asked to take a picture wid him!

concert tonight!<3whoo!

i am going to the welcome to hell concert in mesa az!!!!!!! im so excited and with ma friend calandra!
yaaaya!!:D and were gonna mosh and get crazy!!haha.
we have to leave right after school...its a 3 hour drive.
sooo....about 5 minutes!ahhhhhhhhhh!!!
i cant wait!!! tonights gonna be the best night of my life!:D

the best dreams ever...

... are my chemical romance dreams!!:)
i always get to meet them in weird setting.
and gerard and me are always together <3 tehe!
arnt they the best??
tell me your dreams!!please! haha XD there AWSOME!!


mcr is on lopez tonight!!!!! yay!:)
*writing it on my hand* :D