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zacky vengence and frank iero

dont you think they looka alike? like they could br brothers? i think so.haha

hard to find male killjoys.

do any boys like mcr? haha i dont know anybody who does. only girls. lol its hard to find male killjoys.blahh...


Write the first thing that comes to mind.
01 Hello: :)
02 Love:hearts
03 Cow: milk
04 Peace:hippie
05 Sky: clouds
06 Mr. Big: sex and the city
07 Horror Movies: grave encounters:)

Answer with only one word.
01 You are a; girl
02 You drink: alcohol
03 Your first kiss: tyrone:)
04 Where are you:school:P
05 You like: corey
06 Hate is:wrong
07 Love is: music
08 You dream of: bigcity
09 You can’t spell: fsdnfjksdfdfdsf?:o
10 Your favourite color is: green/blueish

Answer either yes or no. No “maybes” allowed.
01 You like a boy/girl: yes
02 You would kiss someone for $10: no

i <3 star wars!:)

so me and my friend are in the library. the freshmen, juniors and seniors have free time here at school. we can either go to the student union, gym, or library. we went to the student union for a while then checked out the gym. but they told us to stay there. cause the sophmores are tacking a practice aims writing. and we all get to do nothing until 10:50. so yea... just bored. when we couldnt go anywhere me and her snucked out the back and left! it was so fun! then we are now in the library. we first played a round of checkers.


Gangsta name:(First 3 letters of real name plus 'dizzle'.) valdizzle
Detective name:(Fav colour, favourite animal.)green/blue cat
Soap Opera name:(Middle name, street you live on.) lynn, teesto
Star Wars name:(First 4 letters of last name, first 3 letters of middle) geor, lyn
Superhero name:(2nd fav colour, favourite drink.) voilet, sweet tea
Witness Protection name:(One of your friend's, middle name.) calandra, lynn
Goth name:(Black + pet's name.) black ceasar

hosting a show.

basically, me and my friend are putting on a show in our town for her boyfriend's band and his friends bands. The thing is...WE DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL WE ARE DOING! We made a list of what we need, but we are still not sure we got everything. We went to the venue and we got a date set for it but we dont know what else. We have absolutley have no experience. We dont know how to manage the money, Lighting and sound guy, Are we suppose to have a medic there becasue its gonna be a screamo/metal show, and im sure there are gonna be moshpits. How does this work?

what should i get?

i want to get a jacket but i dont know which one? i cant decide. can someone help me in making this decision. SUGGESTIONS ANYONE!?

who wants to chat yo!

mssg me! ill message back. we can have a conversation about anything. just random stuff haha? ask me a random question!!:D

Stealed it!Tehe!:P

(X ) You wear hoodies
(X) You wear jeans
( ) Dogs are better than cats
(X ) It’s hilarious when people get hurt
( ) You’ve played with/against boys on a team
( ) Shopping is torture
(X) Sad movies suck
( ) You own a Wii
( ) You played with Hot Wheels as a little kid
( ) At some point in life you wanted to be a firefighter
() You own a DS, PS2, Gamecube, Gameboy, or Sega
( ) You used to be/are obsessed with Power Rangers
(X ) You watch/watched early morning cartoons
(X ) You watch sports on TV
( ) You go to your dad for advice
( ) You have played sport at a state


Does Gerard,Mikey,Frank,or Ray ever read this stuff that we are posting? >.> *thinks*...idk.