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.You are...(looks)
[] tall
[x] in between
[] short
[] blonde
[ ] redheaded
[] brunette
[x] black-haired
[] blue-eyed
[x] brown-eyed
[] green-eyed
[] hazel eyed
[] gold eyed
[] grey eyed
[x] with glasses
[x] with contacts
[] with braces
[ ] with freckles
x ] with piercings (just ears)
[] with tattoos
[] and have long hair
[] and have short hair
[ x] and have mid-length hair(
Your favorite color(s) are?
[] red
[] pink
[] yellow
[x] black
[] green
[ ] blue
[] gold
[] white
[ ] silver
[x] purple
[] brown
[] orange
[] indigo
Some things you've done/played include...


[x] i love music
[x] my chem. is one of my favorite bands
[x] i am who i am and no one can change that
[/] people hate me when i am myself

[] my parents hate my style
[x] i am crazy
[x] i am shy
[x]i am funny (I think...)

[x] music is who i am
[] i play an instrument
[] i sing
[X] i have been to a concert

[] i plan on going to a concert
[ ] i have talked to someone famous
[ ] i have lots of friends
[/] i have friends but they aren't true friends

Bands i like:
[x] Green Day
[x] My Chemical Romance
[X] Avenged Sevenfold
[ X] Fall Out Boy
[ ] Good Charlotte
[ ] cradle of filth


so excited to see it! who else is excited?

posting random pictures

omg i remember watching daria when i was little:)i love the theme song! it would just get stuck in my head all day.

who excited for star wars in 3d? I am!!!!:)

i am soooooooo gonna watch this movie like a million times and moreee!!!!:))
I cant wait till it comes out!:)

The killjoys will never die

Dear Zonerunners: I’ve been reading a bit lately about how some of you feel that the night MCR plays the last show in their Australian tour is the night our fabulous danger days come to a close. Abandon the notion. What My Chemical Romance has created in their album is a world, a culture, and a movement that will last much longer than four hundred and forty-two days. For years to come, I promise you I will keep my boots tight, keep my gun close, and die with my mask on if I’ve got to. Turn the lights back on, because the party’s not over. I’m a Fabulous Killjoy, and Killjoys never die.


fav online store:)

this store is my absolute favorite to shop from:) it has all vintage,mod, retro, awsome stuff! i just want people to know that haha.
heres the website,check it out fer yrselfs killjoys

Diet D: ahhh! help

hey erbody!:) i just wanted to know if any of you went on a diet recently and had good results. Because im trying to lose weight. I started today. I know i have to eat healthy, but i was wondering if any one has any recipes that they would like to share with me. And i need help with the exercise. Im in high school, 16 years old, 5'3, and weigh 186 Lb.(i know its not healthy! Alot of people and doctors tell me that i look around 160 Lb. though :P) So i want an exercise routine that i can manage with school. please help me. this is like the billionth time i tried losing weight.

the sarah connor chronicles ( i am currently addicted to this show now)

i just want to say that i feel like john Connor today. like the people on the sarah connor chronicles. I usually wear skinny jeans and flats, but today i am wearing big bootcut jeans with grenade brand shoes. my sister dressed me and sayed that i looked like the people on the sarah conner chronicles. and i like it!!!:) She sayed that this type of jeans look better than the ones i usually wear. so i think imma start wearing this type of jeans:) this is awsome. i love this look.
I know mostly everyone who reads this will not understand what i am saying, but haha idc. i just wantd to say this:)

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

why did this show had to cancel? whyyyyy!!!
it sucks that it got cancellled in the middle of the second season :(