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some sour patch kids would be good right about now! =) yummmmmyyyyy!
also a monster energy drink now too!
IMMA MONSTER!!!!!!! lol idk

bob bryar. i miss you already!!!

oh noz! bob isnt in the band anymore! i heard this yesterday morning, and my heart just stoped beating. i really thought he was going to be in the band forever. *tear*
well, i wish nothing but the best to bob.
i will sure miss him <3

just joined

howdy ya'll!
its so nice to be apart of the black parade. so yea.....thats all. lol ummmmmmmmmm. so let me introduce myself. my name is valerie george. i am 14 years old.i am from winslow arizona, and currently still am right now. i have dark to black mcr since the black parade was out. allways act crazy when i see mcr hahaha. im wierd most of the time. im nice to everybody. dont get in trouble alot,(but now as a freshman im starting to get in trouble). i absolutley love the movies,music, and art! i really want to be a photographer someday. i have a myspace, so hit me up!