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shelby you lint licker! haha XD jk

[X] You have dry skin.
[] You eat 1 meal.
[X] You're very weak.
[X] You hate your body.
[X] You starve yourself.
[X] You have low self esteem.
[] You use laxatives.
[X] You need to be more skinny.
[X] People always say you're skinny, but you think fat.
[] People think you are too skinny.

[X] Your mind is all over the place.
[X] You are hyper most of the time.
[X] You barely pay attention to anything.
[X] You cannot cooperate with people well.
[X] You seem to never sit still.
[] You talk all the time.
[] You need attention

crazy weekend!

this weekend was the first time i ever got really drunk! me and my two friends when to this place to do it.... and we went to the carnival and there was lots of police there! and i saw my dad and sister there! this was a great and terrible weekend! me and my friends are gonna discuss what happened that night at lunch...haha now that we all think about it it was so funny and crazy!XD
but i am never doing anything like that again.........maybe. (:

jonas brothers suc big balls!!!!XD

my fave band - My Chemical Romance
my fave member of mychem - Gerard
my fave song in the whole world - bury me in black
my fave album in the whole world - three cheers for sweet revenge
if I could do a mychem cover with Gerard, what song would it be - the ghost of you
my fave video by mychem - im not okay
Gerard's hair, black or blond - black
you can listen to only 5 songs by mychem today, you choose - bury me in black, kill all your friends, house of wolves, its not a fashion statement its a fucking deathwish, our lady of sorrows.


shit im bored at school! these substitute teachers r boring!
ugh im so sleepy too and i think somethings in my eye, it hurts so much i cant even leave my eye open for a whole minutes.
school is so lame! good thing tommorow a half a day!
i really need some sleep right now!

bored at skool... i just realized im a bad person :(

.1. smoked. (X)
2. consumed alcohol. (X)
3. slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex. (X)
4. slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex. (X)
5. kissed someone of the same sex. ()
6. had sex. ()
7. had someone in your room other than family. (X)
8. watched porn. ()
9. bought porn.()
10. tried drugs. ()

1. taken painkillers. (X)
2. taken someone else’s prescription medicine. (X)
3. lied to your parents. (X)
4. lied to a friend. (X)
5. snuck out of the house.()
6. done something illegal. (X)
7. felt hurt. (X)
8. hurt someone. (X)
9. wished someone to die. (X)


does anyone have anything to eat??? i didnt have any breakfast...and im super hungry!
im in my second hour at school, and my stomach is growling! eeeppppp... shut up stomach!!
mmmmmmm... some monster and sour patch kids sound good right now!
i hate it when my stomach growls in class! everyone looks at me. embarassing!
i still have one more class to get through.! ugh...

happy birthday!!

ahhhh!! its gee's birthday! and its kristen stewarts birthday two!
have a wonderfull birthday you two! (:

the famous quiz! AAAHHHHHH!!!! XP

.[x] I can't go a day without listening to music at least once
[x] I have to go on the computer at least once
[x] I have an obsession with a band besides MCR
[x] I'm shorter then Frank (5' 4")
[x] I play guitar
[ ] I play bass
[ ] I play drums
[ ] I'm in a band
[ ] Me and a friend are trying to start a band
[x] I wish I was in a band
[ ] I have never been to a concert
[ ] I've been in a band
[x] I'm addicted to YouTube
[x] I'm always in MCR's website
[ ] I don't care for the Beatles music myself.
[x] I'm bored right now
[x] I hate it when people call me emo or scene ect.
[ ] I don't mind

snakebit photography

just want to say that i like snakebit photography! <3
u should take a look at all of the other photographs too! they are epic!!!!

there a gerard way at my school???wtf

the first couple of weeks of my freshman year... i saw some boy who actually looks like gee way! =)
i know right, its so awsome!
anyway he really looks like him. from his hair to his body, to his clothes, to his voice! (and yea, i like him)
hehe these pictures are what he looks like!eeeeeeeppppp!
i was like wow when i first saw him haha lol :DDDDDD but yea hes pretty hot!
me and my friend thinks hes hot and we kinda "stalk" him. lol its creepy but yea.
if you saw him, you would want to stalk him too! haha ;D