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I gots myself a boii.



One step closer to being normal.

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True legends never die~

I'll keep MCR with me until I pass. And even after that, I'll march with the Black Parade forever and ever.

I thank the band for all they've done, and hope that their futures are bright.

Good luck, boys.

So long and good night,

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There's always that one chick..

Okay. So, like.. Every now & then, I'll bring up that I have a blog, and there's always at least ONE kid that's all,"OMG, you should, liek, totes write something about me! *smiley face*"

And so Jewel, Kate, Cam, and Bailey.

I'm writin' about ya.

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I, liek, totes just got my hurr all did up! xD

In all seriousness, this is the haircut I've been shooting for since October last year, so I'm happy. :D

ANYWAYS, my crush has been on & off (I'm very confused with her notions), but math has gotten easier! I keep remembering that my best friend will be moving, but I've been meeting all kinds of fun people and getting to know them better! So everything is pretty balanced out. "^^


So long and good night,

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My me

I found some old pictures of me & a few of my friends..

So I'm sharing them with you lovely people. <3

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Alright. Here we go.

So, that girl I mentioned last time? I TOTALLY thought I was over her! Aaand theeen she started to talk to me mooore... And I remembered why I liked her in the first place.

(/._.)/ Lately, she's been going off about this crush she's had for years. They're probably start dating soon. I'd be happy for them~! "^-^ A little jealous, but happy!

Meh. ".-. Screw it. I'll wait until next year to start dating. Highschool. Woo.

So long and good night~ Follow_The_Ashes

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FAH. "._. Sooo... I'm going through that one phase where I'm super curious about my sexuality, okay?

Stay with me. It might get complicated.

Last year, my friends started getting into lesbian relationships. I mean, like, ALL of my friends. The few that I had, anyways. So, I started to feel left out. And I started to see girls in TOTALLY different ways. Like, sexually and junk. Ragh.

And lately, I've been less & less interested in guys.. I mean sure, I'll know if I pass an attractive dude, but I don't get all... Swoony... I dunno.

SOANYWAYS, I've got this crush on my friend, and I've already told her how I feel! A long, long time ago, actually.. Yeah. She didn't reject my feelings, she just didn't.. Encourage them. Which I totally understand! I wouldn't be surprised if she actually rejected me because of my feelings! She didn't then, which I was grateful for..

But now I think it's finally starting to get to her.

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Excited C':

OH. MAH. BEANS. ">w< I'm so excited. I'm hoping the MCR bros go on tour with "Conventional Weapons". My Homie and I have already started saving our money so that we can go together.. I'm guessing that good seats in L.A. cost around $100? I dunno. If so, I'm a little over halfway there. owo Caaan't waaait...