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About the last post I did

About the last post that was made...........that wasnt me one of my friends got on here and posted that..........I love The Used and would never take credit for one of their songs espically that song because On My Own is one of my faveorite songs................So sorry people I hope there arent any hard feelins:)

A Song I Wrote

So basically I wrote a song and I wanna know if its good or not so tell me wat ya'll think:D

See all those people on the ground
Wasting time
Trying to hold it all inside
Just for tonight
Im on top of the world sitting here wishing
The things Ive become were whats missing
But what do i know?

Now it seems that i have found
Nothing at all
Wanna hear your voice out loud
Slow it down, slow it down
Without it all Im choking on nothing
But its clear in my head im screaming for something
But what do i know?......


A razor blade
To end my pain
A gun
To make my pain become none
A knife
To end my life
A breath that is my last
To help me escape my past
Just one more night
To end my never ending fright
A dream from which I will never wake
And a sound will I never again make


Okay so I'm writting this story and Im not really sure if it's good sooooo Im gonna post some of it and give me some feedback kk?

I believe that I should start where all other stories do: the begining. I would have to say that everything started when I was just six years old. I lived in a small town in Tennesse, I dont remember the name, with my family. I had two older brothers, Stefan and Damien, and one older sister, Helena, so I am the youngest, what fun. It was a cold January night when this happened, I was sleeping in my room when I first began to hear the footsteps.

Sad Poem

Tick Tock
I stare at the clock
Sliding down the wall
Waiting for something, anything at all
Tick Tock
One minute goes by on the clock
The phone rings
I hate the news it brings
He's in the emercency room
I have no idea of what to do
The say that he won't walk away
I start praying, God let him stay
Tick Tock
Time for me stops on the clock
I'm left alone in the dark
All alone in this dark
With nothing left but time
And its steady rhyme
Tick Tock
Tick Tock