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Past vs Present

I think the lyrics of this song says it all.
"Sing it out!"
You should always remember this song, though I never really liked "Danger Days", it showed me the bright and positive side of My Chemical Romance, it showed me different kind of music by My Chemical Romance.
Each time I listen to this album I feel like I could scream my soul out and feel much better.
I could imagine myself creating a fictional video running through my mind each time I listen to this.
I can imagine myself running, running so far and finding my own beautiful path.
I'm running through people who cursed the day I was

Romy's Chemical Romance

I've been listening to My Chemical Romance since 5th grade.
I won't go on and on about my childhood, about how my dad treated me phsycilly horrible and people around me didn't bother to look my way. I thought it'd end when I'll go to 7th grade, but it just became worse. Girls I used to be friends with turned their back to me and called me fat, whore, slut. Cursed the day I was born. I thought ignoring them would be the best for me, to ignore their words and looks and "move on", well, not that happy "move on" with smile upon my face.