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here are some halloween pics


My arm. See this is what bordom does to people

it took three days and i got sent to the office at my school for doing it but its freaking amazing the design goes all the way around my arm and on my wrist it says 'do you know the enemy' ive been listening to a little to much green day lately and am SOOPER (spelled wrong on purpose) hyper today i dont even know why hope you like it though

i think its obvious im left handed :D


Some crazyness

the first one is my mailbox i drew a lamp on it mom was pissed but i still think its funny

second is the only thing i actually accomplished doing at school today which got in trouble for (it goes all the way around )

third is a creepy ass mannequin to get your attention


Stop breathing a new song

Ok so heres the newest song in the long list of depressing shit ive written

i wanna forget
just leave it all behind
and fall into oblivion
i want to give up
just throw in the towel and go back to sleep
and never wake up
why does it matter
no one cares
im alone again in this empty house
the sun has set and at the end of the day
im still dead inside
the light has drained from everything around me
and im alone
so alone
i just want to give up i cant go on like this
nothing to live for
im falling fast with no hope of survival
breathing (in out in out)
but no air
im running on empty

I changed my pic to a red panda its soo cute right

TAYLOR SWIFT STOLE MY HAIR CUT its been raining for three days straight and i fell asleep with wet hair so it looks like a fluffy mess but i found 20$ so im pretty good and how are you

My therapist is making me write in a diary woo (sarcasm) and also he gave me the crisis hotline number (he obviously thinks I’m a danger to myself) and changed our appointment dates to every 2 weeks to every week its official even my therapist thinks I’m fucked up and now I’m feeling worse than ever everything just seems pointless I mean I can’t even bring myself to sing anymore and that’s the one thing that made me feel better about myself it’s all just pointless I mean really it will be nearly impossible to get a job due to my mental issues (no one wants to hire a crazy) plus even now

Awkward happiness thats still awkward cuz it is

Ok so its been a full month since I stopped cutting the scars healed and I'm feeling a whole lot better i go see my phyciatrist tomorrow and therapy the day after.(cant spell deal with it) I drew a butterfly on my wrist in honor of this achievement . So in other word I'm feeling good how are you? :)


I got new boots

The look like this

I got a hair cut... well half of me did

see TA DA!!!! and thats my eye


ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If there was a brain surgery (100% safe) that could make you not feel (emotional) pain (example: depression) would you have the surgery also tell me why or why not ?