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did i piss you guys off

ok i made a post titles 'i hate this place' i wasnt meaning the site i was meaning were i live and stuff thought i should clear that up if you had actually read the post though you would know that i meant no offence i was just ranting about my current situation


The Siren's Curse (random poem i wrote)

A sirens song
so beautiful yet deadly
draws you in to eat you out
sinking your soul to the heartless abyss

i am regretably that siren
i can not stop till your swallowed up
cause the hunger never ceases
it grows louer in my lungs
forcing out the music
that call the poor sailor down

i cant say im sorry
nor ever ask forgiveness
even if i did
would you be able to give it
to a creature whos condemed you to your own demise

all the ships go down
thanks to my cruel curse
i want to hide in the deep caverns where the sun never shines
but the hunger for flesh dras me unwillingly by the throat

Its actually 14 days but...

I havent really posted anythng of substance lately...sorry but you dont wanna hear (read)my stupid rants anyway there pathetic and depressing so here christmas animals singing 12 days of christmas to brighten my (an everyone's) mood... hopefully




Laughed so much

movie insults funny shit


i fucking hate this place

i just had to run a half mile through the woods to avoid getting my ass kicked then had to walk a half mile back home but guess who was waiting for me at the end of the block i cant even walk outside in the daytime without getting my ass kicked thats why i started going at night in the first place but oh i thought they probably forgot i even existed it being a year of hiding and all but no god i just wanna be able to leave the house every once and a while but nope i just wanna cry right now i hate this its so pointless everything is its all just meaningless and ugly didnt things used to mean

How did i even get here

this is the kinda freaky shit i watch at midnight


i did this today

along with breaking three of my fingers
burning this one kid in class who was annoying the piss outa me
and having a panic attack cause i "lost" my marker


p.s.this is gonna be a future tattoo MINE

The officially unofficial Green Day Tshirt

i made or the sake of boredom

and then a doodle of Frank based on This song is a curse


i got my important test scores back

apparently thins means im a genius...