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So I'm kinda mad because my sister never gives me any respect she always is saying she hates me but I love her she's my sister and I know I can count on her for any thing we've been through a lot and some of her problems are from my issues and I get that but she dose'nt have to hate me I wish we could just get along.

Wow I feel a lot better now thanks for listening


Something I wrote

Kinda deep I know but love hurts especially when you cant tell them.

Love me. Kiss me sweetly as you break me. Hold me warmly as the chains melt away. Just be near me and I will let all my defences free. As you see my broken heart promise me you won't destroy the pieces I have left cause I'm giving them to you.

Thanks for reading and stay dirty


So today at school I got some cake and I was all like yay cake so I ate it really fast my bff goes like if you keep eating like that you'll get fat and I was like so fat people are cool and then Teenagers came on on my portable music thingy and me and her started dancing around the lunch room we totally got in trouble. Ahh... fun times. :)



Hi so i'm gonna start doing this. What made me finally decide was I wanted to have this place where I could be me. MCR saved me after I got out of the hospital for atempted suicide but I heard them and found that everything would somehow work out. I dont really Know what I'll put up here but I'll try to every day or so. Thanks for helping me see just because the world is ugly dose'nt mean I can't be beautiful.

-Flash Drive