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Me and Eijah

To pass the time we started a web show and we costar in each others channels (other than my music vids ). We hope you like it. WARNING there is no editing we cant dance theres cussing and violence too and theres also a waffle in your soup. -> linky thingy1 -> linky thingy 2

Eyeliner and Depression


Me and Revenge

Heres me and the gun I made. (spray painted a squirt gun black) I call it (the gun) REVENGE. Yes in all caps. I'm also in my new tie. I look like I'm in the Revenge Era. Cool right I also made a MCR hoodie its white blood splattered and has MCR saved my life on the back on the front it says BROKEN.
Hearts and Fangs.


My new vid The Used

Ok this is my horrible cover of Smother Me by The Used if you watch read the description if you wanna tell me it sucks go fuck yourself cuz i know -> linky thingy

please watch
hearts and kisses

- FlashDrive

I dont wanna grow up

I dont ever wanna go past 29 ill never be 30 I promise if i have no reason in my life by then Ill well you know just sayin well good thing im 13 haha.

So alone


This message has been brought to you by BL/ind maker of the miracle drug

haha not really



My new new song

Why build something up so beautiful
if your gonna just crash it down again
-why do i wanna believe anymore
i wish i had neer lived in a hell so sweet
so erfect thatwhen it breaks you
you do not realize till the deeds been done
and theres nothing left of you
- why do i wanna die so fast so young
for the sweet relief of nonexistence
all that i crave is that nothingness
please just let me go
-so i can rot in the hell we created
your nothing is my everything
the knife you used to break my skin i gave to you
and i cannot hate you but ill never for give you
-and seeing as how nothings all ive got

My new song hope you like it

What do i do without you
do i kill
do i die
do i cry
what would i be without you
would i be free
would i be trapped
would i be alone
to late im gone ive disappeared in the dust
just like a ghost
i promise ill go
but you promise youll stay
and at the price i have to pay
id rather you not
cause with you
id kill
id die
id cry
youd bleed
and i would never see
the truth of what wed be
just go and leave me
locked in my solitude
never come back
cause i love you
and if you stay youll die
and if i go my ghost will follow
youll be safe i promise
this is the price i have to pay for loving a thing so

Hi there. oo a waffle

I have cookies and you don't haha . I miss you . I hate this place is sucks as soon as summer starts i'm never leaving my house.


Love you.

Here we go.

Quality sucks sorry but its me singing I Don't Love You . Please watch I'll give you money. I would have posted it sooner but I hace the attention span of a squirrel on speed .

-FlashDrive <~ linky thingy

(I couldn't work it)

this may or may not brihten your moods

but its me singing I Dont Love You