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Hi thanks to everyone who helped me through that


Theres only one life you lead.

I'm scared

I'm thinking of cutting and I've never done its been bad and I almost... please Help

Its not fun unless I'm screaming


My new song titled salvation and sledge hammers

its like someone took a sledge hammer to my heart
i feel suffocated i cant breath
im paranoid and alone and i feel as though ill die in this place
will you save me please
save me
if you dont ill die here please save me
save me
now im surrounded im this darkness

its over taking me i cant breath
i cant scream out for sweet salvation
i dont wanna die here in this place of never ending solitude
someone save my soul someone please save me
save me
if you dont ill die there please save me
save me
on my own and afraid
i scream out your name
so you may hear me
and see me to my death cause
its to late

I have a twitter and I dont know why

Help!!/ -link that may or may not work. Follow right yes follow me?!

and my short (very overly short like extremely short) vlog about it <-and link

My voice has stopped working NOOOO!!!There was something I wanted to say I forgot oh well.



3 new vids hope you watch em -damn my hair and my sister - oh god im gonna be one of those lonely internet people aren't i -those bastards

Just me ya know.Being me and stuff.



P.S. Please watch please please please and if you feel like it comment or like or subscribe or whatever

P.S.S. I have a creepy stalker creep how do i get rid of him or her whatever

The videos i promised

I'm so sorry I've made so many videos and forgot to put them up. I promise I'll do that tomorrow but I'm kinda tired but please watch them please I'll give ypu um...Waffle Kisses!!!!!
Alright bye.


I should sleep

Ahh its 2 in the morning why am I awake at least I don't have anything to do.


Hi Guys

Well my life has been good I went to gay pride and then school ended so ya I'm so happy for a person with no friends and no life. Love you guys.

Smiles and Waterfalls



No more school NO MORE hell ya I'm free I'm gonna do nothing for the rest of forever. Well I'll still be on the internet and I'll try to make more vids for you but i can finally be lazy im never leaving my room.

Bye and sorry if you have school work or any other responsibilities