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This is a whale your argument is invalid.



Taste the rainbow

they actually make a 41 ounce bag its all mine fuckin love skittles also someone threw this threw my window it had a note in it that said bitch im keeping my windows closed from now on but what did i do


i cant believe i did what i just did

You'll understand better if you read my 'Im scared' blog I just did it I didn't mean to but then again I didn't ever mean for most the shit in my life that happens to happen please don't make me feel bad I'm shaking at the thoughts of what I've done I bet you can guess what I did its what a lot of people on here do now I get why the thing is is that i feel relieved like the pain of doing it took my mind off the other shit in my life I don't know I think ill just o to sleep now.


Fuck ya I will

When life gives you lemons...
Eat them and show the world who's the boss!


The holes in my ears

I am currently stretching my ears I started with paper clips and my mom found out and said that wouldn't do you'll get some sort of infection. So now I'm going up sizes with her permission and close supervision which is slightly annoying ya now she helps me and I don't have to have her all disappionted i was so worried she'd be pissed when she found out I started so I'm glad shes cool with it. Thats all for now bye.


hey help me out guys

My friend (hes one of the 2 I actually have) sent me this message dont know what to do help a killjoy out.

Actually when I told you I am "getting high" it means two things I am crying my eyes out and contemplating suicide... tbh I never do drugs anymore... They are just plain stupid¡Today I had to go to the hospital with two vertically razor blade cuts on both my wrists... I didn't die... And it sucks!!!

Fuck my life

When they look at me I can see it in their eyes that look that horrible I'm better than you you sick freak that look the one that makes you know they think you'll never amount to anything its followed me my whole life. I'M FUCKING SICK OF THAT MOTHERFUCKING LOOK. I hate it it makes me sick. I see it in all there grotesque faces all of them frowning upon me when there not much better at all in fact there worse to make me feel this worthless.


I haven't slept in 5 days I've tried everything from sleeping pills to hitting myself really hard on the head (that was a joke by the way). I cant sleep and I'm starting to see things its slightly unpleasant to say the least got any ideas?

haha i have nothing t eat

if yu freeze whipped cream its like ice cream yummy


Wholy crap

I have found out 3 things today
1: I cannot fly

2:20 cups of coffee is way to much (i have a caffeine high and haven't slept in 3 days )

3:twizzlers are low fat (had way to much sugar today)

4:there are a lot of perverts in the world

3:red lipstick looks cool on paper white skin

Well thats more than 3 but oh well message me.