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it would be weird to have brains for eyes

just sayin



With my purple hat

I have more costumes than I do actual clothes and of course I wear them in public its kinda funny I love wearing them and putting them together I think I might be a costume designer or something when I get older (I refuse to grow up) I just love wearing strange things and making them its fun it all started with me making my killjoy outfit and now I have a revenge and a black parade oufit as well as a mad hatter costume (just need that hat she wont give me the hat )and I'm working on several others also the docter thing went ok I'm in a great mood right now :)



Today I'm going to that place where they will examine my sanity mostly cuz I lost it .(at least I think i did) I still dont want to leave the house I don't exactly like people your great but anyone I usually see (or hear) whether it be stranger or otherwise I start to feel sick and its starting to even happen around my own family and then theres depression yesterday i couldn't even leave my bed I've been crying a lot lately which I never do I'm that kinda person that dosen't wanna worry you so I bottle up everything and put on a happy face until I snap (not good) I think there putting me on








I got in my gear and stuff

This tattoo

K so I'm gonna (as soon as posible) get a tattoo that says DON'T DIE on my collar bones as a reminder to myself



My stuff

HELLO and the others just a reason to flip you off enjoy .