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3,2,1 we came to fuck Chapter 9

Party Poisons P.O.V

" Zany Dead?" I asked the girl walking towards us. " Who else would be up this early waiting for you on the boarder of Zone 6?" The girl giggled as she came into view. " The name is Zany Dead, and you must be Party Poison." She looked over at Kitty and smiled. " I don't believe I know who you are, wait you must be Fire Kat." "The one and only." Kat said as she smiled.

3,2,1 we came to fuck Chapter 8

Fire Kats P.O.V

"Stop, stop the car now!!!!" I yelled as I kept my eyes locked on a little fury orange thing. " What is it" Party yelled as he pulled his Ray gun out. I got out of the car and picked up a little orange dog. She was very small and just adorable. "Kat what is that?" Party asked as he put his gun away. I turned around and lifted the little dog up so Party could see. " Oh Party, can we keep her. Please, it would be nice to have a little dog around the house?"I said as I petted the little dog on her head. " Well, why not.

Well shit

I am really fucking tired. Well going to bed, night killjoys!!!

3,2,1 we came to fuck Chapter 7

Partypoison's P.o.V

Seeing Kat so happy made me think of the day Ghoul had found her. She has changed so much from then. She was depressed and sad. Ghoul said Dracs had beaten her up but I know it must have been her farther that left her there to die. The reason I know this is because Kat started to tell me what happend but then we got cut off by Ghoul pulling a prank. But looking at her now partying out in the front seat of the trans-am just made me laugh. "So where are we going?" Kat said as the song ended.

3,2,1 we came to fuck Chapter 6

FireKats P.O.V

I woke up to find Ghoul had his arms wrapped around. It felt like I was in a gholl cacoon. ( And no we didn't have sex) I felt safe. I slipped my way out of his arms and kissed him on the cheek. I looked at him for a moment and relized that funny short boy with dark not really long hair and was mine. I was wearing the usaul some of partys sweat pants and a red t-shirt. I walked out to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. Sipping my coffee Party came in all dressed and ready to go. " morning" he said. " Morning " i aid as I walked over to him.

3,2,1 we came to fuck chapter 5

PartPoison's P.O.V

I rolled over in my bed and got to my feet. I smelled coffee so Kat must have already been up. I put on my pants and slipped a red t-shirt on and pulled my jacket on. I walked in the kitchen to find Kat Sipping a cup of coffee. " Morning" I said as I poured a cup of coffee." Morning" Kat said as she walked over to me. She looked at me like I was about to rob a bank or something. " um nothing just thought i could get a early st---," but before i could finish kat said" Can I go!!!!!!" " Sure" i said as i messed her hair.

3,2,1 we came to fuck Chapter 4

FireKats P.O.V

After hearing what Zany Dead said, me and Ghoul went back out in the garage to work on my dirt bike. Ghoul was working away and I was debating weather or not to paint my bike purple or purple and green. I figured sence my raygun was purple my bike should be purple too. Ghoul rolled on his stomach to get some tools and our feet got tangled and I fell right on my butt. Party walked in just in time to see. laughing his ass off he walked over to the Trans-am. " I am so sorry kat!" Ghoul said with worry in his eyes as he quickly came over and helped me up.

3,2,1 we came to fuck Chapter 3

PartyPoisons P.O.V

"Ok, you guys listen to this." I walked over to the radio and clicked it on.

{ Calling all Killjoys, this is Zany Dead. There are Drac's looking for a group of killjoys. The members are PartyPoison, JetStar, KobraKid, FunGhoul and Firekat. If you guys know what is good for you, stay low. They aren't playing around anymore. Keep it ugly and keep running, Zany Dead out}

I look at everybody around the table and nobody moved.
" Well i figured it would get worse sooner or later." Jet said as he scratched his head.
" You make it sound like a bad thing that we are wanted, hey we

Ok Plz help!!! I need killjoy names and info

ok in order for me to write the 3rd chapter i need a killjoy name and info plz plz plz tell me your info and name plz thank you when i get names 9 3,2,1 we came to fuck chapter 3 will be posted.!!!!!! Thanx ~FireKat~

3,2,1 we came to fuck Chapter 2

FunGhouls p.o.v

"I hope FireKat likes purple." I said as I moved the spray can back and fourth over her Raygun. It was a really ugly grey color and I thought purple would fit her more. When the paint had dried I painted a little cat on the side of it. Well it wasent that good sence Party was the art person of the group. I heard footsteps and looked up to see kat walking over to me. I set down the paintbrush and kissed her on her cheek and hugged her. She squeled because i forgot about her arm and hugged a little to tight.