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Statik Cyanide
Jet-Kid Poison Ghoul
Kitty The Venomous aka Bandit Blaster
Forever Kis$ed
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Nitro Nightmare
Amplified Suicide
Alkaline Child
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Jett Light
Handguns Galore
Cyanide Revenge

Well shit

I have a terrible head ach and my ass hurts cuz i fell off the ladder trying to paint my room. My dog just ate a dead bird and my moms dog just ran into a wall. i hate her dog. well killjoys I wil talk to you leter

ok guys i got my hair colored pics soon to be posted
killjoys i need help!!!

ok getting my hair colored. what should i get i am a dark blonde but what about red tips or strekes or purple and red or something help

3,2,1 we came to fuck chapter 22

Party Poison's P.O.V
I was still wide awake in the booth, when I decided to go talk to Zany. I walked over to her room and her door was cracked just a little. I looked inside to see Zany facing her closet with her back to me. She was putting her bra on when I looked at her shoulder. There was a big scar and one on her leg. And no I am not a peeping party I just was curious. I stepped back and knock on her door. " Just a minute." Zany said as I heard her scrambling to put the rest of her cloths on. She walked out and looked me in the eyes " Morning beautiful" I said as I kissed her.

3,2,1 we came to fuck chapter 21

Fire Kat's P.O.V
My heart was burning and my head was throbbing. " The drugs won't work you idiots!" I screamed. " Just stop fighting it Kat. Your little Family of Killjoys are dead." Korse said as he walked in. " You lie!" I screamed as the pain got worse. ' I enjoyed killing Fun Ghoul, and watching him scream your name." Korse said as he laughed. " NO" I screamed as tears fell down my cheeks." I was thrashing now and screaming. They couldn't be dead, Ghoul couldn't be dead. I grabbed my stomach and it was bigger. " Your farther is not dead!" I screamed.

3,2,1 we came to fuck chapter 20

Zany Deads P.O.V
I watched with horror in my eyes as they carried Kat away. Korse smiled and then left the room. I put the wedding dress on and stared at myself in the mirrior. The only time I should be wearing a wedding dress is, if I will be meeting Party in a Tux waiting for me. The plan is simple I thought. While walking down the isle, turn and run for it. Stupid idea yes I know, but I need to save Kat. I put the earings on along with the white shoes. I pulled the veil over my face and Korse walked in. " Come with me child." Korse said as he gestured to his hand.

3,2,1 we came to fuck chapter 19

Party Poison's P.O.V
"Well shit you guys, I don't see why the zone 3 killjoys needed back up, there was only 9 Dracs." I mumbled as I looked out the window of the Trans-am." Guys, something isn't right." Ghoul said as he grabbed my shoulder." Party, by saying that, it is a hint to SPEED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ghoul said as he fell back into the old seats. " Nothing is wrong Ghoul, I am sure they are making something for the baby, or sleeping." Kobra said as he pulled his helment off. We pulled up to the diner and unloaded out of the trans-am. We walked into the diner and it was silent.

3,2,1 we came to fuck chapter 18

Fun Ghoul's P.O.V
I woke up and Kat was not any where in the room.I paniced and rushed out in the kitchen and saw Kat leaned up against the Trans -am. My heart stopped racing and I walked out and leaned up against the Car and looked in her eyes.

I wanted to know hwo reads it and if u like it love it hate it or anything just tell me thanx