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sad truth

Roses are Dead,
Violets are Dying
Outside im smiling
Inside im crying


ok since im going to high school soon and we have to wear uniforms i want to do somthing interesting with my hair.
mums not letting me get it dyed so i guess its a haircut...
idk wat i should get please help!
my hair is quite long rite now and its really thick.
but i need it long enough that it will cover my ears because i have 5 peircings and we're only allowed 1 in each ear.
please comment and mabey send a link or somthing because i need help!

thanx 4 reading stay amazin xox :)

Reblog for xxstraightjacketxx

Straightjacket, we miss you so much please come back and talk to us again, I miss you so much and you've touched so many hearts. You've helped me through so much, please let us help you. Please, you're my best friend

Sidtastic007 aka GalaXY TwinZ

Killjoy Name...

OK, so i need a killjoy name.
i just wanna kno what does it have to be like?
can it be anything?
im soooo confused.
ive got a few ideas but i dont know if thats like what theyr suppoed to b like.
plzz comment

stay amazin xoxx :)

.reasons i feel shit.

lately ive been feeling really bad because my granddad had some internal bleed thing in his abdomen and was in the hospital for a few days. also im gonna have my first day at high school in 9 days. AND my cat has disappeared and its pretty obvious she is dead because she cant survive 1 day outside she is one of the laziest cats ever. ALSO my mum has been in a terrible mood idk why but its rubbing off on me. Aggggrrrhhhhh i feel like stabbing something :(

anyway thank you for being great friends Ur actually helping me :D xxx Stay amazin

please help

OK so my new friend is coming over for a sleep over and im kinda nervous because usually no-one comes to my house because its boring. we don't have WiFi and only have one computer that is slow as shit so we cant watch u-tube or any thing like that. I'm just real scared of being judged from her and i would hate it to be awkward because neither of us are outgoing when its just us. i was thinking of inviting my other friend to stay the night along with her but my the one who is coming over really just wants it to be us. we have some movies but we cant do just that.

the girl hasn't lived!

So i was at my besties house today and i started ranting on about MCR. as i was going on and on she said 'Um M?.......Emma?.......EMMA!!!!!' 'what?' i said frustrated because i was tryin to tell her which shirts i was gettin of the website. 'what is 'my chemical romance' and 'the black parade' and 'Gerard'??' she said. my eyes litalry bugged out of my head. this peasant dosnt know!!!!!!!! she needs to be educated!!!! so for the rest of the day we spent listening to them and i was telling her everything i know. now she is almost as obsessed as me :3

Listen Up!

(Dr. Death Defying)

Look Alive Sunshine
109 in the sky, but the pigs won't quit!!
Your here with me, Dr. Death Defying
I'll be your surgeon, your proctor, your helicopter!!
Bumpin' out the slaughter-matic sounds to keep you live
A system failure for the masses
Antimatter for the master plan!!
Louder than God's revolver and twice as shiny
This one's for all you rock'n'rollers
All you crash-queens and motor babies
Listen up!!

This never gets old


Hi guys!
i was just looking thru Wattpad and there is heaps of fanfics about 'Ferard'.
im not completly sure if that was like somthing but anyway im confused.
so far i kno that gerard kissed frank on stage once when they were preforming...
im confused if it happened or not
and i thought gerard was married to Lyn-z...
this made my little confused mind even more confused...
can u comment or message me if u kno more than i do about this?
im just curios.
;) c-ya stay amazin! xx

Yeah I was bored

Blog entry two.

So I suppose this is my 2nd blog post. Ever. I'm not completely sure what's going to happen. If people are going to read my posts. If many people still even go on this site anymore. Anyway I'm going to try enter at least one post a week. At the start I'm probably going to do heaps and then more down the track I will struggle to commit to doing this and then eventually give up. That's what happens with everything for me. I get it from my mum. Anyway I should introduce myself. I'm Emma Paterson. I come from New Zealand.