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a fork in the road

it feels like i'm in elementary school again my friends have told me to stop being friends with my best friend in the whole world just because a stupid little thing that happened we are juniors in high school this kind of drama shouldn't be happening i feel like if i don't side with my stupid friends then i will lose them and if i side with my best friend then i wont be able to see him a lot everything is falling apart i don't know how long i can keep a real smile on my face. now would be a great time to have a shoulder to cry on.

when life gives you lemons. portal 2

"when life gives you lemons dont make lemonade you take the lemons back and say i dont want your damn you know who i am. im cave johnson im gunna turn this lemon into a combustable lemon and burn your house down!"-cave johnson (portal 2)
haha i love that part in portal.. has anyone else played the portal games and experienced the amzing humor and storyy the game has to offer??
p.s the cake is lie

world history

world history+library=computer time!!!! and no stupid teacher and my friend paul says hi!!

may the fourth

happy national star wars day may the fourth be with you

spring break

its finaly spring break im so excited that im going to celebrate by sleeping and praying that a meteor crashes into my school so i dont have to go back.

*sigh* i have a fever

i was at school for only 35 minutes and almost threw up so the teacher sent me to the nurse and turns out i have a fever of 100.5 degrees i feel like shit right now and kinda wish i was back at school so i can be in art with my buddy brinnley...i hope she is okay by herself


me and my dad went to go see Battle:LA today and that movie was incredible!!! we also had d-box seats it was like watching a movie on a rollercoaster i wish i had moving seats at home. anyways to anyone that hasnt watched battle:la go watch it you will not regret it unless you hate movies about alien invasions

i missed the bus this morning

today it was foggy day schedule and i forgot that the bus comes 15 minutes earlier then usual on foggy days so im at the bus stop and im waiting there for 5 minutes and barely realize that the bus has already left my parents werent home so i couldnt ask them for a ride i had to walk to school it took half an hour my legs are so sore i can barley walk now....stupid school why does it have to be way out in the country and why are the foggy day bus schedules so complicated!!

doing anything but biology

today in biology we are in the computer lab "taking a practice test" but i dont know the answers so im just gonna do anything but biolgy hooray for the internet!!!


2mro and wednesday i have to take the california high school exit exam im really nervous i hope i pass ......... i hate test