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Batman or Superman?

the battle between who the better hero is between batman and superman has increased in popularity with my friends and we are completely split, personally I like batman alot more because he is risking more then superman but what do you guys think?

iron man 3

yesterday i saw the iron man 3 trailer and im so pumped for it!!!!! especially since it comes out 6 days before my birthday unlike avengers whioch was 5 days but that doesnt matter it still comes out in may and its still gunna be super epic amazing awesome....etc


dish brought back the AMC channel so now i can watch it at the regular time like normal people and i dont have to wait till the next day (today) to watch it!!!! but im still not forgiving dish for what they have done i hope they perish

thewalkingdead pt. 2

i was able to watch the walking dead on i was so amazed at the start of the the seaon i was literally yelling at my computer because what happened at the end. did any one else watch the new episode yet? if so message me

LeATHERMOUTH & pencey prep

so a few days ago i was on youtube listening to this song is cursed by frank and i was scrolling through the comments and alot of people were saying something about other bands frank sings in i was so dissapointed in myself for not knowing that frank sings....and in 2 other bands!!!!! but in all honesty i prefore leathermouth to pencey there anyone else who never about franks other bands? or am i just that much outa the circle???

the walking dead

the rest of the year will not be the same without the walking dead i honestly dont understand why dish took off amc from the channel lineup i need my zombies its an ADDICTION! does anyone kno another way i could watch the series? im afraid i will start having withdraws if i dont watch it.

Why should we have respect?

School should be the 2cnd thing that teaches you about respect right behind your parents. So i wonder why my GOVERNMENT teacher decided to say nothing about 9/11 did adults forget about what happened 11 years ago? Do they no longer care? I really expected my gov't teacher to dedicate the class time to remembering tose who lost their lives bcuz stupid terrorist but no we took notes on amendments which we all know bcuz we have been learning bout that stuff since 8th grade and its not like its important since the gov't sux nd amendments mean nothing!

so much as changed

its been like a year since ive been on this site and it looks alot cooler and speaking of change when will mcr release their next album anyone know???

insulted artistic abilities

so my "best friend" decided to start drawing and i have a feeling his inspiration for drawing isnt me i think its this chick that i absolutely dont like because she is mean and she traces and says she draws well anyways he also asks her to "draw" stuff for him and he never has asked me to draw him anything EVER!

oil paints and web comics

i finally got oil paints!! i'm so happy but unfortunately i don't have any canvases so oil painting can wait and in that time of waiting im going to start up a web comic with a tech buddy of mine yeah making websites cost money and it takes a lot of time but why should that keep me from doing something that sounds fun and will get my artwork out there more