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To Gerard

Dear Gerard Way,
I have admired your work on The Umbrella Academy and enjoy listening to My Chemical Romance. I know almost every song. I have no other reason for writing this than to tell you that you are amazing and have influenced my life greatly. There was a time that I thought that I could never find hope, that there was no way that I could put my feelings into words. The Ghost of You is one of the closest songs to me, especially the video, because my brother died and I had seen him only nine hours before he died. I have laughed and cried to many of your songs.

happy birthday!!!

Because the library is never open on sundays... I would like to wish Ray Freakin' Toro a very happy birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY RAY!!!!! We love you!


I have always felt so alone online cuz i get ignored like no freakin other! Agh! Anyway, I finally finished both of the Umbrella academy books and my friend and i have been spreading our killjoy-ness all over. The fabulous four would be proud! LOL!


I hate people who play the games like thirst of night only to virally yell at other players! They have nothing better to do then make other palyers feel bad about who they are and really if someone doesn't like who you are just flip them the bird and tell them to 'f' off!

Act of Valor

If anybody has seen Act of Valor I want to hear your opinion on it because I cried like someone just killed my unicorn. It was one of the best movies I have seen in a while.

Libraries never have what you want

This library never has what I want. It's always somewhere else and its horrible. I've been looking for the Umbrella Academy and can't find it anywhere! Oh, but what's this is in another friggin city!!!! I swear... people. Now I have to comic-less for about two months!! Summer stinks. :(


I've been watching MCR videos and seen The Umbrella Academy and I want to go to the school Gerard did. It's freaking awesome!

guys are the reason girls go gay!!!

Guys 'are' the reason chics go gay, because they never f*cking understand what you're saying and I've just about had enough of guys. JK.


Thank God! It's almost summer! I can't wait! Anyone else going to warped tour? I wish My Chem was gonna be there this year but I guess not. If anyone sees them tell them that we miss them! (This is done out of complete boredom :) )