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A True Killjoy: Cancerous Bat

On February 4th, a 10 year old girl died of cancer. Her cousin goes by the killjoy name, Sweet Sarcasm, introduced her to the killjoys and mcr in a whole. Cancerous Bat wanted to survive her fight with cancer to be a true killjoy when 2015 comes. Her last words were, "The black parade is here. Cancerous Bat over and out." This little girl was a true killjoy. Please help recognize this brave, strong child. KILLJOYS, MAKE SOME NOISE!!!


Finally! I know this is late but I listened to boy division and tomarrow's money like a thousand times! They're on my playlist on youtube and everything. I won't be able to buy them til christmas though, but I will have to be patient. And only 10 days till the next 2, the world is ugly and the light behind your eyes! Cant friggin wait!!!! loved Halloween, happy late b-day frankie and I was Gerard this year! Hellz yea! Love you guys and can't wait to hear from you. Tell me your excitement and halloween experiences.

MCR LOVE ME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL. Just kidding with the title. I can't wait for "Boy Division" and "Tomorrow's Money"! I just need money to get the pack! Anyone with me. Ima hold a MCR thing so I can raise money to get it anybody wanna help?

Hey people!

So excited! Halloween is just around the corner, along with homecoming! Quick question for all of the major MCRmy, does Gerard have a twitter? If so how do I find it? And please follow me on twitter. BatteryLIthium or @Nikkislisz.

for all you vamp luvrs

if you play thirst of night and are in the world undead find my killjoy alliance and join i need people

Halloween in September

If you live in the Houston or Cleveland area or even if you don't and want to do this anyway, on September 10th (Mikey's birthday) dress up in your best MCR outfits and we'll call it Halloween in September and anyone who asks why you are dressed like that turn to them and tell them whatever the hell pops into your mind as long as it benefits MCR. Something about the MCRmy or whatev's. It'll be the best thing ever and it will allow twelve turning thirteen year olds to dress up like its halloween without it actually being halloween so their parents can't say anything.


school starts in less than a week here and I'm not ready at all. This sucks! I wish school didn't start til september. I'm just glad that we still get off for halloween in high school. Can't wait for halloween! Comment and tell me what you are planning on being. I love getting people involved in what i'm saying. LOL!


about MCR5... i didn't see it until yesterday and saw it on Bryan Star's twitter. I know i'm late but i don't get on much so... And how did ya'll find out from Gerard.


Oh my... i almost had a heart attack! I just saw on twitter that MY Chem just started recording! Someone please tell me that's true!

Oh My Goth!

I went on and they have name generators for like everything. If I was a dude I know what my penis' name would be. I also found my killjoy name, and I implore you die hard MCR fans and true to heart Killjoys to use it sometime its amazing! My killjoy name is Battery Lithium. Find your's and tell me. LOL for conversation sake.