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fefedarkboy13's blog

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what's done is done

i did what i needed to do

guitar stuff

what kind of guitar apps should i get for my ipod touch?


im working on singing better. any tips?

new song

(V1) walk around talk around everyone's to blame
look inside look outside everyone's insine
but not we're sitting here singing when can we leave
then you said we can go home
(small intreamental part)
(V2) love out hate in do i feel the same
thinking when thinking why do i see
i guess im growing old

(C) how did i run from this
where do I go from this
how did i run from this
where do i from this
I can't say anymore now

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wrote an oragnal song with lyrics that i can sing and Play at the same time on guitar

didn't have any soda yesterday
feeling kinda uggy today

! !

not much to say

well my feelings are better and im drinking less soda then i use to


ok i have an ipod touch and im trying to go on to this website but when it is read to use and i try to log in it closes out

any know how to fix it?