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band advice

so the band that i was in fell apart (singer left) and i think the drummer (best friend) still wants to have a band with me

so im woundering if i should write an ad looking for a new singer and bassist(we never had one) or wright one looking for a new band?

any musicians notice this

when you just lision to a metronome the tempo seems slower then isit realy is


is it bad to play guitar of an hour and a half?

not so much


BE FUCKING HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey all you Thomas the tank engine fans on here

i have some awesome new they are making a new live action Thomas movie set in the time of ww2 it is suppose to be darker for kids who grew up with him and his friends

here is a link


i've been have a lot of heavy dreams lately. what i mean by that is there in between a nightmare and a happy dream

im fine

anyone who read my last i want you to that im ok and i didnt do anything