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fefedarkboy13's blog

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arts and crafts help

who do i make buttons out of bottle caps?


aparntly i ment to say pin

what remanes

i know im a lot happier then i was a while ago but there still is doubt


has anyone ever have a soda called capt'n eli's ginger beer? i'm asking cause in woundering if the brand (capt'n eli's) is just in new england (where i live) or if it all over the us?

is this normal

is it normal that i only have one cup of coffee when i did i have coffee?


First off I'm going to start by saying that I know thank that I've been asking for a lot of help with my musical activities and i thank everyone that help me!

Now on to the real reason i wrote this blog. How do i make normal chords (open chords i think there really called) sound better with distortion?


last night my friend and i were skyping and how said that one of his facebook friends (who he knows in real life) was looking for members to start a band. so my may friend (drummer) told him we where interested in starting one with him but it turned out he lived 3 hours away

screeming tips

anyone have any tips for screemo screeming? i can do it but not well and probly not the right way so any tips you can give me would be most helpful

album update

The first song recorded for my album is almost done we just have to record the drums bass and maybe another guitar part. I am also writing a lot of lyrics and guitar riffs for other songs so its going at a good pace so far

good to be back

its good to feel normal again im in a better mood and im working on an album

things are a lot better

im not as depressed as i use to be and im not really douting myself so yes im good