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life is good and good things are happening

god is my life is good right now im a lot happier then i was and im recording an album with my guitar teacher. im also getting closer to getting work/a job and it warmer then it was. life is good


When days aren't long I think I feel okay
When days aren't long you seem to want me here
When days aren't long I want the world to see
When days aren't long everyone is fine

When days aren't long
When days aren't long

When days aren't long I see everything
When days aren't long I don't know how to run
When days aren't long I have less to say
When days aren't long I can move on

When days aren't long
When days aren't long

coffee and artists

any artist that drink coffee notice that they get more art ideas when drinking?

and i also cusamized my guitar but putting bottle caps on the nobs

hey guys i have news

the news of the world

cool idea

i got a cool idea to put bottle cap no the nobs on my guitar what do you guys think

need help

this site is not working on my ipod touch any ideas on how to make it work?

morning thoughts

So my first thought came to me as i was eating my breakfast of chocolate chip waffles (unfortunately there were not homemade). is the code "bros before hoes" the same for gay men or is there not a code like that for gay men and i know it a weird thing to think about but whetever.
My next thought witch is more an art idea is to glue bottle caps to the volume and tone nobs on a guitar or bass.

anyways life is good

i dont know what to think

i just dont

arts and crafts help

who do i make buttons out of bottle caps?


aparntly i ment to say pin

what remanes

i know im a lot happier then i was a while ago but there still is doubt