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morning coffee thought 1

i didn't have any coffee but whatever i'm still going to tell you my morning thoughts

i know i need to get my butt moving of putting out my flyers looking for band members but i'm to lazy to go into town so day i will get to it but not right away i guess. I'm hoping that i will get some form or work soon. i also am excited to see(or should i say hear whatever i guess it doesn't matter)how all my music ideas work out on my album and speaking of which i still working on the first song that i wrote for the album i just need to do the vocals and maybe a lead guitar part.

my pretty boy Cody

he is all cozy in his Mommy's blanket

guitar stuff

the first pic is of my guitar customization its just bottle caps on the nobs(re-uploaded it because of the spammers) and the the other pic it my amp and petal set up

morning coffee thoughts blogs?

hey guys

i have an idea of doing blogs of my morning thoughts (morning on the east cost of the us)
it would like questions ideas of stuff and just so thoughts while and after i have my one cup of coffee
what do you guys think?

ok soo

so i posted a pic of what i did to my guitar on here but no one saw it (damn you spamers) nut i will post it again tomorrow

GO AWAY GO AWAY GO AWAY GO AWAY GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my guitar customization

i put bottle caps one the nobs

jolly good jolly good

at this point in time im in the best mood ive been it in years (4 or 5ish years)

i will post a pitcher of my guitar earlier today (tomorrow at the latest)

life is good and good things are happening

god is my life is good right now im a lot happier then i was and im recording an album with my guitar teacher. im also getting closer to getting work/a job and it warmer then it was. life is good


When days aren't long I think I feel okay
When days aren't long you seem to want me here
When days aren't long I want the world to see
When days aren't long everyone is fine

When days aren't long
When days aren't long

When days aren't long I see everything
When days aren't long I don't know how to run
When days aren't long I have less to say
When days aren't long I can move on

When days aren't long
When days aren't long